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This is the save problem were you have to save twice to save the game,

im having the same problem so i cant finish the game beacuse after Cynthia it only saves once

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Q: How do you fix the save problem in the Pokemon Platinum English ROM?
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How do you transfer saveflile from the Japanese Pokemon Platinum ROM to the English Pokemon Platinum ROM?

Sorry to say this but, you can't put a save file from Japan to an English Pokemon platinum, but you can always start it over. Keiko123

In Pokemon platinum can pokesav crash your save file?


How do you save in Pokemon platinum?

press x and go down to the save button.

I downloaded a Pokemon platinum rom English version but i can't save everytime I try the screen freezes can somebody help me with my Pokemon platinum saving problem?

hold onto start well i play platinum on no$gba emulator everything runs smoothly except when i get to spear pillar... but if u have no$gba set ur cartridge backup media to 256 it should work ;)

In Pokemon platinum who do you save the honey farmer from?

team galactic

Why won't Pokemon platinum save on my M3?

Update your M3 system

How do you put Pokemon Platinum save file into your computer ROM?


In Pokemon platinum does it automatically save when you beat Cynthia?

Yes it automatically saves

What does the girl in wayward cave do in Pokemon Platinum?

You save her and then in the Battle Tower she can battles with you

How do you put the Pokemon platinum save file of the Nintendo DS to the computer?


How do you migrate Pokemon from Pokemon emerald to pokemom platinum?

You need the National Dex before you can migrate. Go to Pal Park, save the game, get the Pokemon you want to migrate in the PC, save again, play Platinum and at the menu it will say migrate from Emerald. Im the Pokemon expert. you are very lucky.

How do you erase a saved file on Pokemon Platinum?

If you want to erase a save file on Pokemon Platinum, while in your game, try to save on the game that you are playing. If you already have a save file, it will tell you how to erase your save file. Keep checking back, and I can figure out a better way.Thanks, and enjoy!-PocketFroggys (with help of TurtwigPrinplups)