Is there vfk secrets

Updated: 4/28/2022
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I can't really say there are any secrets, but there are a few bugs still being worked out. Usually during Quest Events, you can find spoilers to help you along at

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Q: Is there vfk secrets
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When is vfk starting?

VFK opened in late May. Pre-registration was required to play at that time. It is still in the Beta phase, but you can register. For a link to VFK's Homepage, try

How do you get wings on vfk?

How to get wings on VFK: You go to the quest manager. Go to Epic quests. Select "Fairy Enchatment" Do the quest for seven days. And you get your wings

Is VFK made by Disney?

Thankfully, No! It is not run by Disney

Is vfk cool?

At first I thought it'd be really boring. But then my sister told me to try it, so I did for a couple days. And I ended up liking it. Btw-(by the way) I'm Amanda_Victoria on Vfk.

On VFK what are the answers to the fairy enchantment day 7?


Is vfk a scam?

it is not a scam. i played it since august 31, 2008 and it is not a scam

What is a game like vmk?

VFK is awesome they have pirates ship battle out now!

Where are the Victorian crossroads on vfk?

The Victorian Crossroads are in the Victorian Age, at the Corner of Balta St.

What are websites that are three letters that are like Millsberry that are not vmk?

yeah, theres vfk ( virtual family kingdom )

How do you get rich on VFK?

You could play games, trade for credits, and also do quests ( you get 1,000 credits for each quest you do)

How do you get vfk magic?

There Is Two WaysGo To Melin's And Buy It For 10000 creditsOR..You Can Do A Epic Quest (Click Q At The Bottom Of The Screen)

Does VFK cost money?

Not for basic membership :) Family/Australian Founder Membership does cost money though, but you have an option of getting those.