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It is possible to purchase a PS3 for only the $300 and maybe get a free game shipping and taxes from someone like, other times they have been know to offer a free gift card and you can pick your game. Many other places have free shipping but charge state taxes that vary with the state

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Q: How much does the ps3 cost with cost?
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How much dose the 160 GB PS3 cost?

A 160 GB PS3 cost

How much does it cost to fix the yellow light on a PS3?

Fixing the YLOD on the PS3 will cost $150.00.

How much does a PS3 cost that is new?

PS3 slim with 160G is $299.00

How much is a 60 gig PS3 cost?

a 60 gig (ps3) playstaion 3 cost $630

How much does saint row 2 cost on ps3?

Well in it cost's 19.99 and its new for the ps3 :D

How much is 40gb PS3?

it cost $400.

How much does ps3 slim cost?


How much does an ps3 cost in America?


Who much does a ps3 cost in 2012?


How much does an PS3 cost in Lebanon?

About 1500$

Which one cost more an xbox360 or a ps3?

PS3 cost at 19990 & XBox360 cost at 14000 but PS3 is much better to buy, compare technical spec of both, I bet You will go for PS3. In the USA both are about the same $300 cost in 2011

How much it cost for a ps3 in Egypt?

It Cost About 2000 Le In Egypt