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Abra is quite rare here, although it is very common on the north-eastern route off of Rustboro city.

However a rare Pokemon can be caught here, and this Pokemon is Nosepass. It doesn't evolve and is very elusive. The only way to find it is by smashing rocks and sometimes when you smash them; a Pokemon will appear. Most of the time, you encounter Geodude but keep smashing rocks, and eventually Nosepass will be inside one.

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Q: Is there a rare Pokemon in granite cave?
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How do you catch nosepass on Pokemon emerald?

You can find nosepass in granite cave very rare though.

Where is nosepass in Pokemon sapphire?

Nosepass is a rare Pokemon in the game Pokemon Sapphire. It can only be found by using Rock Smash on boulders in Granite Cave.

Where is the granite cave in Pokemon emerald?

Granite Cave is located northwest of Dewford town.

Where is aron on Pokemon ruby?

in the granite cave

Is there a rare Pokemon chargestone cave?

Tynamo is a rare Pokemon found within Chargestone Cave.

What is at the end of granite cave after the mud slide?

a rare candy

Where to find geodude on Pokemon Emerald?

Granite cave.

Where is granite cave in Pokemon Ruby?

It is on dewford island.

Where is steven on Pokemon?

right at the end of granite cave.

Where is the granite cave in Pokemon Ruby?

close by dewford town

What rare Pokemon is in icefall cave?

Articuno ,, in Icefall Cave on Island 4 Rare Pokemon is Lapras but there is only 1% that you will find him

Where do you find an Aron in Pokemon emerald?

Aron is found in the Granite Cave.