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You get it in the Granite Cave in Dewford Town.

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Q: How can you get HM flash in Pokemon emerald?
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What is hm 5 in Pokemon emerald?

HM 05 is flash

How do you get TM flash in Pokemon emerald?

Flash is actually an HM in emerald but anyways to get it you will need to enter Granite Cave you can find the cave near Dewford Town inside the cave when you first enter you will notice a Hiker speak to him to receive the HM Flash.

What cave do you find the HM flash in Pokemon emerald?

go to the cave on dewfords beach and talk to the first man you see

Where do you get HM 07 in Pokemon Emerald?

You get it after seeing Groudon and Kyogre fight. Steven will lead you to the Cave of Origin. Go deeper into the cave and you will need HM Flash to proceed. You will find HM 07 there.

How do you get the hm flash in emerald?

the hiker in granite cave

Can't get hm slave in Pokemon Pearl?

machop is a good hm slave. he can learn rock smash, rock climb, strengh,. in Pokemon emerald nincada is a good hm slave but in Pokemon pearl flash is not an hm. any water type can learn waterfal or surf espacially palkia.

Hm in Pokemon Emerald?

A HM is a move is a move that can be tought to as many Pokemon as you like but the Pokemon has to be able.

Is flash a TM or Hm in Pokemon Platinum?

In Pokemon Platinum, Flash is a TM.

Where to get hm flash in Pokemon Special Pikachu edition?

Look at "How do you get hm flash in blue?" On this site.

Where is dewford cave in Pokemon emerald?

Go to Dewford Town. Go up, then turn left. To see better while inside, teach the HM Flash to a Pokemon.

Where is hm flash?

on Pokemon yellow on Pokemon yellow

Who is the pokemon that knows all the hm on pokemon emerald?

The Pokemon that can learn any move from TM's and HM's is Mew.