Is there a babydow 2

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, there is only 1 Babydow. However Babydow is available in a few different lanuages for example French. So if you join the English Babydow it would be okay to join the French Babydow because they are considered different websites.

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Q: Is there a babydow 2
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How do you get a baby elf on babydow?

They don't sell them anymore on Babydow.

How do you buy a new hairstyle for your baby on babydow?

1. Have a pass 2. Go to the Fairy Forest 3. Buy the exotic remake or u could get in contact with cookiegr on babydow, she makes hairstyles etc. on babydow. just PM her! hope this helped! add me: beautifulnmindless

What is the babydow promo code?

there isnt any babydow promo codes

How many babies can you have on babydow?

You can have an unlimited amount of babies on the internet game Babydow.

How do you get stardust on babydow?

You mean Mandrake Elixir?Buy it from the Fairy Forest for 2 passes :)

Is babydow free?

Babydow is free unless you want to buy extra things like passes.

How do you change the weather on babydow?

Unfortunately, you can't change the weather on Babydow. It changes everyday by itself.

How do you find a sponsor on babydow?

you cannot find a sponcer because you need to know who have a babydow account

Can you put your baby up for adoption on babydow?

honey you can't just delete or restart your babydow game.

Other virtual games to take care of babies instead of babydow?

yes there is there is.....horweaquriamand babydow lots of them

Where do you ave to look for your babydow snuggly?

You may buy snugglies at the boutique! Go to for help about Babydow!

How can you get a pass without buying on babydow?

there is not cheats all you have to do is call and pay for them and im on babydow my name is rooroo99