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Q: How much senory you need on babydow to trade an item?
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What was basic item for much of medieval trade?


The basic item for much of medieval trade?


Basic item for much of medieval trade?


How do you get a pass on babydow and if you can how much are they?

Get them in the market

On babydow how do you get rid of a seed?

sell it, or send it to a friend. unless it's already planted, you can't do much about it accept restart your babydow game.

Why is 2b trade max in runescape?

Jagex's servers can only handle that much of 1 item

What was the basic item of medieval trade?

Much of medieval trade was based on wool. It was, by far, the most common material used for clothing at the time.

A baby on babydow is sleeping way to long watt is the problem?

Well usually babies on babydow sleep for 24 hrs unless they are only taking a nap. Add me on babydow >>> Chloeangel2k9 Well Babydow is rather realistic so the creators made it so it's similar to reality although it is a bit much at times.

When does the Pokemon scther evolve?

This answer probraly wont help you much but, all i know about him evolving is that you need to trade him with an item. sorry i don't remember what item it was.

What to go to on babydow to plant seeds for twins on babydow?

Here is what you do, go to your garden, where it says how much fertilizer you have, it should say how many mandrake elrixs, ME, the twin thing.

How much do you get when you trade in star war the clone wars at GameStop?

Depends on the condition of the item and how much either you or the people at Gamestop negotiate on.

What are some games like babydow?

Im a HUGE Babydow fan! So, here is a list of websites that I also enjoy. (made by the same people as babydow) (Im not a fan but some people like it) (requires purchase) (it can sometimes be slow) Hope this helped, personaly, I love Howrse just as much as Babydow! Try it out!