What are some games like babydow?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Im a HUGE Babydow fan! So, here is a list of websites that I also enjoy. (made by the same people as babydow) (Im not a fan but some people like it) (requires purchase) (it can sometimes be slow)

Hope this helped, personaly, I love Howrse just as much as Babydow! Try it out!

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Q: What are some games like babydow?
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What baby games are like baby valley?

babydow best one

What are more games made by Owlient?

Howrse and Babydow are two of the games made by Owlient. Howrse is where you have your own horse, and Babydow is where you have your own kid.

Other virtual games to take care of babies instead of babydow?

yes there is there is.....horweaquriamand babydow lots of them

What are some websites like howrsecom?

Some websites like is babydow but that is where you take care of babies. silky12

Where are the activities on babydow?

Games, Participate in an Activity.

What are some sites like freerealms?

try fantage uhmm1.millsberry2. uhmm babydow

What are some Virtual baby games for 12yr old girls?

cyberinfants you could look on google also babydow

Is babydow free?

Babydow is free unless you want to buy extra things like passes.

Is there a cow version of Howrse?

Owlient is the company that made howrse. so far, howrse and babydow are the only owlient games in English. (there are others, but they are in french) babydow is fun too, if you're looking for a game like howrse.

What are some mentors for babydow?


Who introduced babydow?

I believe it was Ow, short for Owlient, who created a number of other games such as Howrse and Fashiown. Add me as your mentor on Babydow, my username is Laney28!

What are the best taking care of baby games?

you should try babydow