How do you open a shop in babydow?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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With an Arnica Workshop from the Fairy Forest.

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Q: How do you open a shop in babydow?
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Where is the arnica shop at babydow?

In the Fairy Forest.

How do you get shop on babydow?

You have to buy the Arnica Workshop from the FF. It costs 3 passes all up to buy, open a line and submit a Pb. It is expensive as but pretty worth it, I just opened mine(: - velinda, long time babydow player.

What can you do when your baby is asleep on babydow?

you can shop or sell or work in the garden you own

Where is the arnica work shop on babydow?

In the Fairy Forest, Personalization and Development.

How do you get baby on babydow?

You can get another baby on Babydow by purchasing a Magic Seed from the Fairy Forest or planting a cabbage seed (which will produce a boy) or a rose seed (which will produce a girl) from the shop.

On babydow if you choose to keep your babys eyes closed would they some day open?

No. But you can see it in the bath.

Is there a babydow 2?

No, there is only 1 Babydow. However Babydow is available in a few different lanuages for example French. So if you join the English Babydow it would be okay to join the French Babydow because they are considered different websites.

How do you get a baby elf on babydow?

They don't sell them anymore on Babydow.

What is the babydow promo code?

there isnt any babydow promo codes

How do you open a tennis shop?

Get a shop - fill it with tennis stuff - open it

How do you open the shop of artix?

There is no shop ?

How many babies can you have on babydow?

You can have an unlimited amount of babies on the internet game Babydow.