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the house its self won't actually burn down, but everything inside the house can burn down...including sims

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Q: Is it possible to burn down your house on sims 2?
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Which Sims 2 game can burn the house down?

All of them?

Is it possible for sims 3 houses to burn down?

yes, i know so

Is it possible to give sims on the sims 2 money if they don't have a home?

No, they must be living in a house.

How do you burn the house down in sims 2?

You have to delete any smoke detectors and either buy a cheap fireplace and leave it to burn, or the most effective way is to get your sim to bake something in the oven and then move something in front of the oven do your sim cant get to it to take out the food. The food will burn and the oven will catch fire. You can put really flammable objects in front of the oven, like plants or wooden chairs to spread the fire. The house itself doesn't burn; just the contents and possibly the Sims!

How do you set a house on fire in sims free play?

i think you have to bake something that has the option thta it will burn

In the Sims 2 is it possible to have more than 8 or 10 Sims living in your house?

if this is for the pc,you can have 8 in total but for the sims 2 for the ps2,you can only have four.

How do you make a fire on sims life stories?

You cook something from the stove or whatever and let it wait in there. Then it will start a fire but make sure you have something to stop the fire with IF you want. IF you want your house to burn down good luck with building/finding a new house

How do you get a tombstone on sims?

you have to die so try starving to deth or burning the house down

Why cant you place the tree-house down on sims 3 for wii?

1 word. LAG.

Where do you type in the cheat gnome for sims 2 pets?

you hold down B whilst typing in up left down right when you re in your house. He will Be just outside your house

I downloaded a house on mod the sims and it won't show up?

you have to put it into your sims game file they have a speicila file for it called down loads and how to get there is documents-ea games-sim2-down load's- sombody

How many sims can you have on one house on the soms three?

on the sims 3 you can have 8 sims in one house, just like in the sims 2