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Q: I downloaded a house on mod the sims and it won't show up?
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My songs wont show up when downloaded?

I'm suck on that too.sry

Why wont your custom content show in body shop for the sims 2?

The only reason your custom content does not show in body shop, it is because you have downloaded from the Internet . You must find your games body shop and create parts there. [p. s. It has happened to me also..]

How do you go to a house sims 3?

You need to go to a house and it will ask if you wont to visit the household. By: Michael R

Why is sims 2 not working after downloaded clothes from tsr?

Because the tsr you downloaded may be a illegal download. I am sorry but our service can't help you any further Our team apologise if your game wont work Joe

In sims 3 my house wont load after i press the checkmark?

ikr im ike come on!

You have downloaded ds games but it wont show up in the menu how do you fix this?

The game that not works with simply downloading, you must buy it.

How can you make two sims talk in car?

Have both of your sims sit in the car but if you have kids in the house it wont work. They'll start talking automaticly once their in there.

When i downloaded the sims 2 on my computer it says that i need directx 9.0c compatible graphic adapters i downloaded it but it still wont work someone please help me.?

you need to find out what your graphics card is (make and model)as it may not be compatible with Sims 2 or it just may need updating, if you can send me the details i will try and help you further

I have downloaded objects for the sims 2 and their in the downloads file under sims 2 in the EA games folder but they wont show up in the game ive also enabled the custom content to show HELP?

Real Sims 2 custom content must be installed. as an add in to the game. when you download the file the icon should be a dark blue circle with a light blue person inside it. You must execute this file just like an installation file to add the content into the game.

Can the babysitter on sims 3 take your kid away?

No, well yes but its a glitch, if you check the babysitters house, the baby wont be there.

Can you get pregnant on Free Realms?

no you can fake a pregnancy..but you wont show but that would be so cool! like a sims online... :) lol

My cheat bar on sims 2 doesnt show up anymore what should i do?

crl-shift-c IT STILL WONT WORK!

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