How can you launch the sims 3 without the disc?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No itried to do that i stalled on my laptop and it wont work without the disc

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Q: How can you launch the sims 3 without the disc?
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Can you play Sims 3 world adventures without your regular Sims 3 disc?

The Sims 3 world adventures is an expansion pack. You can only play it if you have already installed the Sims 3.

Do you need to put the disc in everytime you play the sims 3?

yes you do. it wont work without the disc. ---Roch---

How do you play the sims 3 without a disc?

You cant, you need the disc. Trust me. I've tried it..... its not possible.... UNLESS you download it of the internet for $30.00 or somthin, idk search Download the sims 3

How do you play sims 3 ambitions without entering the disc?

unfortunately, you need the disk to play the sims 3. it's for security reasons.

Do you have to have all the expansion packs to play Sims 3 seasons?

You can install the expansions for The Sims 3 in any order you want, but when you play the game you will have to use the disc for the latest expansion to launch the game.

How do you install the Sims 3 world adventures if you already have the Sims 3 insatlled?

just insert the sims 3 world advenetures disc and download it like the regular sims 3 disc.

What if your sims 3 disc is broken and you want to now if you buy sims 3 ambitions which disc do you half to use?

The sims ambitions will find the oringinal disc if still loaded on your PC

Can you install the same Sims 3 disc on two computers?

Yes. But every time you want to play it you need the disc. Also, if you have any expansion packs or stuff packs you can use that disc for one computer and the one without the expansion/stuff pack with the original Sims 3 disc (I've done it before)

How do you get your Sims 3 back on your MacBook Pro without buying it again?

Put the CD in the disc thingy. Then download it.

Can i play the Sims 3 Pets without a disc if i have Sims Showtime?

Yea you can because it worked for me but I think it's because of demon tools just install it and try it :)

How can you use EA Download manager to launch Sims 3?

No you need to get a icon on your computer that says sims 3

Do you have to download Sims 3?

yes, you do have to download it, if you have the disc