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You cannot play The Sims 3 without downloading it.

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Q: How do you play The Sims 3 without downloading it?
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Can you play sims 2 or 3 online without using facebook or downloading?

No, all three series of the Sims needs to be installed in order to play.

How can you play the sims without buying and downloading?

You basically can't. There is a teaser that is available on the sims 3 website but that does not give you freedom to actually control them.

What site to play the Sims 3 no downloading?


Is there any way to get the new sims 3 without downloading?

Yes, you can go and buy it in a store, or on the Internet. There are lost of places that sells The Sims 3.

How do you get a dog on the sims 3's without Dogs?

Unfortunately, you can't purchase a dog without 'The Sims 3 Pets'. There are also no cheats to this, so don't trust any downloading programs to do with 'The Sims 3' I hope this helped :)

Can you play the sims 3 online with no downloading?

Yes- on the sims 3 website there is a compacted version of the sims 3. It's not very good though so the disc is worth the fifty USD

Can you play Sims 3 world adventures without your regular Sims 3 disc?

The Sims 3 world adventures is an expansion pack. You can only play it if you have already installed the Sims 3.

Do you need to sign in to origin to play Sims 3 and Sims 3 generations?

You do not. I play without signing in all the time.

Can you play sims medieval offline?

Yes. All the Sims games don't require internet, unless you are downloading stuff off 'The Sims 3' website, which you can't do with 'Sims Medieval'. Sims Medieval is NOT an expansion pack to 'The Sims 3' so you can't really play ONLINE / OFFLINE Thanks :)

Can you play sims 3 without graphic card?


Do you need the Sims 3 or the Sims 3 pets to play Sims 3 pets expansion pack?

To play any of the Sims games, you MUST have the sims 3 installed. Without The Sims 3, you will not be able to download any other Sims 3 onto your computer or Pc

Do you need to have Sims 3 to play Sims 3 high end loft stuff?

Sims 3 high end loft stuff is compatible with sims 3 (it is an expansion pack). You can not play Sims 3 high end loft stuff without sims 3.