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By downloading some as CC.

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Q: How do you get booty shorts in Sims 3?
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Why do women wear booty shorts and boots?

If women wear booty shorts with boots it must be because they like the look.

What is Beyonces favorite clothing?

booty shorts.

How do booty shorts look on teens?


What Benjamin Banneker wear?

bikinis and booty shorts

Who invented booty shorts?

His Name Was Vincent De Farrui

What are booty shorts?

Booty shorts started as a more modern style of slim fitting women's underwear known as "boy shorts" or "hipster panties" with a cut that lies somewhere between that of shorts and a bikini. In more recent times, booty shorts have become available in various outerwear shorts for women, most popularly as denim shorts. Similarly to the underwear, denim "booty shorts" form fit tightly to the skin, with generally just enough coverage in the back to not expose the backside, while the leg opening becomes gradually shorter as it goes around the thigh towards the front of the leg, leaving the front and sides of the shorts several inches shorter than the rear near the seam, thus giving the shorts a bikini inspired shape. In recent years, popular outlet brands such as Hollister and Ambercrombie have widely popularized the style.

What is appropriate clothing for jazz dance?

Booty Shorts and frilly tops.

How do sims dance on the tables in The Sims 3?

You must have The Sims 3 Latenight expansion pack. Go to one of the bars at night and click on a bar counter. An option 'Dance on counter' should appear. Have fun shaken' ya booty!!

What are some things for gymnastics?

grips, leotard, booty shorts, and some skills!!

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age 12 or at least a teenager

Why do girls wear buttie shorts and boots together?

Some girls just like the style of boots and booty shorts together.

Has Miley Cyrus been seen in under wear?

i don't kno but in booty shorts