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1 word. LAG.

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Q: Why cant you place the tree-house down on sims 3 for wii?
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How do you get a cot in Sims 3?

Go into living and scroll down it is like a babies crib so look for it it is only for sims 3 ambitions It is 200 $

Can sims in the psp version of sims 2 have babies?

No they cant.

In The Sims 2 how do you go to another sims house?

you cant

How do sims get pregnant on Sims 3 DS?

you cant get your sims preganat on sims 3 only on ambitions

Can you download your sims from sims 2 for PC onto sims 3?

No, Unfortunately you cant.

How do sims get pregnant on The Sims 2 PSP?

they cant. sims only get prego. on pc.

How do you have a baby on sims 2 on playstation 2?

no sadly....all you can do is have a boyfriend or girlfriend and get married you cant have kids thats the only sims game that you cant have babies in the sims 3 and sims you can. also in the sims2 pets you cant have babies but your dogs and cats can.

Can teen sims get pregant?

I have sims 2 double deluxe and teens cant have woohoo.and i have the sims 3 and no they cant get pregnant. so dont bother trying

How do you make a fashion show in the Sims 2 H and M?

You cant really. You can only make a runway, then have ur sims put on clothes, and walk down the runway, then back again. You cant actually make them "strut their stuff." However, you can make several sims go down the runway and then back and add music and lights to make it look like a fasion show.

Can you get lockers on Sims 2 life stories?

No , you cant Why cant you???

How can you get pets on Sims 2?

you cant get pets on sims 2, only on sims 2 pets

Can you build roads on sims?

no u cant build roads on sims :) :) ;) ;)