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they cant. sims only get prego. on pc.

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Q: How do sims get pregnant on The Sims 2 PSP?
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How do you make sims pregnant on The Sims 2 for the PSP?

you can't

How do you get a woman pregnant on the Sims 2 for Playstation Portable?

How do I get a woman pregnant on the Sims 2 for PSP

In what Sims game for the PSP can your sim get Pregnant?

You can get your sim pregnant in Sims 2 Apartment Life and Sims 2 Double Deluxe.

Can you get pregnant on the sims 2 psp?


Do sims grow old in the sims 2 psp. How do you make your sims pregnant in the sims 2 psp.How does your boy sim get pregnant with a alien baby?

no, impossible and impossible only on computer

Can a sim be pregnant in sims 2 for psp?

no, sorry.

How do you make The Sims pregnant in The Sims 2 pet in psp?

unfortunetly, it is not possible to get a job on the sims 2 for psp. it would be good if you could to gain more money, e.t.c. but it is not possible!

Is there a faster way to pregnant the sims on th sims 2 pets psp?

nope just woohooo

Are there any games like the Sims 2 or Sims 2 castaway for the PSP?

yes, there is a Sims 2 for the PSP.

How can you get The Sims 2 free for PSP?

download it how can you get the sims 2 free for PSP?

Can you die on sims 2 PSP?

Yes you can die on Sims 2 PSP

Can you have an alien baby on sims 2 psp?

you can but its rare to have one in sims 2 psp