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No. They have the same catch rate as all the other legendary Pokemon. However, they are all in caves, so you can use a dusk ball which has twice the catch rate as an ultra ball (only in caves or at night) and is 200 poke-currency cheaper than an ultra ball.

You could still get lucky with an ultra ball, but if I was using ultra balls, I would bring at least 40 of them, a Pokemon with hypnosis (or some equivalent), maybe false swipe, and save before you try! You could probably be fine with just 30 dusk balls.

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Q: Is it easy to catch regirock regice and registeel with an ultra ball?
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Can you catch regirock with an ultra ball?


Best pokeball to catch regice?

honestly its a master ball butt if u can get it right an ultra ball will go far

What pokeball do you need to catch regice?

it doesnt matter what ball you use... ultra ball or master ball is recommended though

What are the chances of catching Regice with a ultra ball in sapphire?

Well, if you don't have a masterball, use one... but you can catch one with an ultraball. My friend did. I ran out of them!

Is there an easy way to catch the regis?

Use ultraballs and carry strong Pokemon (ghosts) who know hipnosis and have at least 50 to 60 ultraballs-_-bla bla bla yeah so that is one of the best ways to catch the regis i thought the regis would be easy to catch and transfer to my platinum to get regigigas lv1 but there super hard so if you used your masterball on rayquaza yes it will be hard anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!even if you get one of the regis on red health and put them tosleep or parylize etc they still pop out of the ultra balls so easy so this might take a while but you could catch the regirock with a ultra ball and don't use your master ball on rayquaza and use it on regice and then migrate regice and regirock to diamond/pearl or platinum and then start your game again and don't use you masterball!!!!!!!!! and when you complete the league open the tombs and catch registeel with the masterball and then if you want you can get another regirock with ulteraballs and then transfer registeel to diamond/pearl or platinum congrats you have the three regis now you shouls get the got of the regis make sure u have the three regis and fly or walk to snowpoint city and if u have completed the Pokemon league you can go into snowpoint temple and keep going through the stairs until u get to regigigas and u go up to it oh by the way it is a bit hard on the ice to get to regigigas and when u do congrats u found regigigas it will be on level 1I would recommend NOT using your masterball because if your using emerald, Sapphire,or ruby Your gonna need it for latios or latias.

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What pokeballs are good against registeel regirock and regice?

Heavy Balls or Ultra Balls. And Master Balls of course:)

Do you need master balls to catch the legendaries?

NO!!! i caught my rayquaza kyogre groudon regice regirock registeel and latios with ultra balls.....i know i lot of stupid asses think that you need master balls but you dont

How do you get Regice Registeel and Regirock in Pokemon sapphire with ultra ball?

yep, with plenty of hard work and dedication of course

Can you catch regirock with an ultra ball?


Can registeel be caught with a ultra ball in emerald?

Yes it can, it would be easier to catch Registeel with a Ultra Ball than with a normal PokéBall.

How do you catch Regice and Registeel and Regirock when they dodge all your ultra balls?

premier balls duude, premier balls, buy 10 pokeballs, get a free premier, sell the 10 do it all over again, cost you 1000 , and YOUR WELCOME wow this really works i caught all three regi with premier balls. it took like 15 of them to do it but it worked every time.

Where is the braille in Regirock's tomb?

if you ddn't unlock the doors yet, you need a wailord,relicanth, dive, and dig. first put relicanth first and wailord last. go to the front of the room and there will be braille. next use dig. then walk in and click on the second braille and it will say: "it sounds like doors opened from far away" then you go to the desert and find regirock's tomb to the south and use flash. use flash after you click on the braille.then the door will break open and you can walk in. next you will see regirock. save before you battle and make sure you brought plenty of ultra balls if you used your master ball. also regirock, regice, and registeel are all lvl 40 and with the same attacks except registeel has metal claw, regirock has rock throw and regice has powder snow.Good Luck!

How do you get to buy a Regigigas?

Have All Three Regi's in your party and talk to it, but be careful it is level 70 so bring lots of potions, dusk balls and/or ultra balls. Happy Trails. :)

Where do you catch registeel in Pokemon sappire?

you catch registeel on route 120 and, if you remember there was tall grass . get past that and make a left for the staircase . then go through the grass to come to seven rocks the middle one is a cave that is sealed with the regi's power the only way to open is to 1. catch a relicanth, (can be found in the under water Grass around sootopolis mountain. it will take an hour to catch. don't attack it because it is weak and will die let it use take down and hurt itself. use 1 ultra ball 3 greatballs 2 pokeballs and1 ultra ball you should be able to 2. catch a wailord (it might be easier to train a wailmer from mossedeep city and train to level 40 hint: rare candy;),3. go to pacifidlog town a nd this is the part that you need a link. go to youtube and type in the search box "how to catch regirock regice and registeel" click on the 1st video and follow the walkthrough. person who typed this question but like any trainer you will try to catch it . get regirock first. i don't know why but its much easier to catch with it than without it. and only use great balls and poke balls. ultra and others don't work. again i don't know why but my guess is it hates strong balls. you'll want to use Pokemon that will put it to sleep. when your done, get regice and migrate to dp and get regigigas in snowpoint city.

Were to get gegigas on Pokemon diamond?

go to snowpoint city with regice regirock and registeel in your party then go north then try and go into the temple but a lady will try and stop you then a friend of cynthias will come along and say "no its ok i have word from Cynthia you can let him in" and you go in and you have to go up stairs but ice is on some floors and the icey floorsare hard to get past. then on the last floor you catch regigigas and catch it with a master ball or ultra ball ther the best balls to catch it with good luck .p.s you have to have got the national pokedex happy catching

How do you get regiice in Pokemon Platinum?

First of all,you will need to beat the Pokemon league.Then go get the national dex.On iron island is where you get registeel,in mt.coronet is where you catch regice in the room you find the nevermeltice and regirock is on the route which is the desert you know the one between the resort area and the survival area?Their is a secret entrance and that is where you find regirock.If you need any further details or help with anything else,email me.My email address I could help Zakk,the Pokemon legend Edit by Gwingle: the event regigigas is best for weakening regirock, regice, and registeel. just use the rock type move on regirock, the rock and ice move on registeel, and the ice type move 2-3 times on regice. use dusk or ultra balls. Question Don't you need the event Reggigas to be able to catch the 3 regis Gwingle: Yes, you need the event Regigigas question do you need Regigas to be at lv.100.

What is the best pokeball to catch registeel?

The best pokeball to catch registeel is a repeat ball if you have owned a registeel before trust me it will work wonders for you i caught registeel with a repeat ball without even weakning it.