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it doesnt matter what ball you use... ultra ball or master ball is recommended though

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Q: What pokeball do you need to catch regice?
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Best pokeball to catch regice?

honestly its a master ball butt if u can get it right an ultra ball will go far

What pokeball do you need to catch a Abra?

Any pokeball will do it. The trick is to use a move that stops it from running away and then you can catch it!

How do you catch regice in Pokemon dimond?

you need a action replay

How do you catch regigigas in platinum?


How do you get regice on emerald?

You catch regice

What do you need to get regice?

To get regice, you need to either get it from ruby/sappire/emerald, or you can catch it if you have gotten the level 100 regigigas from the event before the release of platinum.

What pokeball do you use to catch kyugre?

a pokeball

Can you catch regice without a master ball?

you need to have two master balls.

How do you catch landuros?

Best conditions are: Paralyze, Poison, or burn him. You can catch him with different types of pokeballs. I caught him with a regular pokeball. You will need atleast 40 pokeball of each type.

What if you dont have a pokeball to catch Zekrom?

I'm sorry but you need to start from where you last saved and buy a pokeball. it doesn't allow you to catch it otherwise, and if you knock it out then you battle it again and again.

What pokeball do you catch victini?

Which pokeball should you use to catch victini. Well i used the normal pokeball but in my opinion i think that you should use the ultra pokeball

What is the best pokeball to catch suicine with?

the best pokeball to catch suicune with is a great ball