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Q: Can you catch regirock with an ultra ball?
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With poke ball sould I catch regirock and no master balls?

Bring a ton of Ultra Balls like 50 of them trust me do not use a master ball on him hes not all that great

What ball to catch to catch Rayquaza?

Ultra ball.

Can you catch Mewtwo with an ultra ball?

Yes. It is completely possible to catch Mewtwo with an ultra ball.

How do you get past regirock?

CATCH HIM! THERE IS ONLY 1 ON THE GAME!Weaken him, and put him to sleep, paralyze him and shower him with ultra balls, and if you were in the battle for a long time, use a timer ball.

Is it easy to catch regirock regice and registeel with an ultra ball?

No. They have the same catch rate as all the other legendary Pokemon. However, they are all in caves, so you can use a dusk ball which has twice the catch rate as an ultra ball (only in caves or at night) and is 200 poke-currency cheaper than an ultra ball. You could still get lucky with an ultra ball, but if I was using ultra balls, I would bring at least 40 of them, a Pokemon with hypnosis (or some equivalent), maybe false swipe, and save before you try! You could probably be fine with just 30 dusk balls.

What ball to catch uxie?

ultra ball

What to do to catch diagla?

get a ultra ball lower its hp to half and throw the ultra ball

How do you use a ultra ball to catch sucine?

1st:Throw the Ultra Ball 2nd:See if it catches it Easy.

Can you catch azleaf with an ultra ball?

NO! I recommend a dusk ball!

Is ultra ball better than premier ball?

Yes, the Ultra Ball has a 4x catch rate than a Premier Ball, which has the same catch rate as a normal Poke Ball. It is commonly used to catch rare or Legendary Pokemon.

Can you catch a regi with an ultra ball?


Can you catch muwto with a ultra ball?