Is clubpenguin a fake

Updated: 4/28/2022
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no,no,no Club Penguin is a world wide website there are millions of users the website is originaly from Canada but is evrywere including the USA.

it is a safe website because millions of people including my self, worldwide use it and there has been no problems.

please goto colacubez on you tube and subscribe it means alot. if you see me on club penguin, gobstoper88 don't be afraid to say hi.

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Q: Is clubpenguin a fake
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Do Mady and Cara have clubpenguin and stardoll?

All accounts on Clubpenguin or Stardoll that claim to be the Gosselins have been proven to be fake.

What is Rsnails password on clubpenguin?

oh and the password is fake. Thank-you!!!! =-)

How do you get the multi coloured puffle on clubpenguin?

You cant so the ones you see on you tube are fake

Is Chinese Club Penguin fake?

If your just changing the language on clubpenguin no.But if your on any other site than fake!ANSWRED.

Can you make a fake membership on clubpenguin?

Just take a picture of a membership. Take a picture of your penguin card. Edit. Wala. Presto. Look what you got. A fake Membership.

In clubpenguin do you have to pay real money?

No, you only have to pay if you want to be a member. The rest is all fake coins that you earn by playing games.

What are the secrets about clubpenguin?

sensei is fake, a ninga penguin locked him away and pretended to be sensei, cp might make a mission about that. the rest is classified.

Can you play clubpenguin on your ipod teach?

you can get clubpenguin cheats but not clubpenguin

How do you get the club penguin membership generator?

1- they dont work 2- they are fake 3- they cause viruses 4- you can get banned on clubpenguin for that 5- you download them from the internet..... :P

What is Club Penguin 2?

its clubpenguin. clubpenguin 2 clubpenguin it's clubpenguin but 2 added to it that's all

Where does clubpenguin design their stuff?

If you asked who makes clubpenguin Disney makes clubpenguin

Is battman on Clubpenguin?

No battman is not on clubpenguin.