Is a m16 a 2 shot burst?

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No. The current M16A2 and A4 have a three shot burst mode. The M16 and M16A1 had a full-automatic mode.

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Q: Is a m16 a 2 shot burst?
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How do you take off the 3 shot burst of a m16 in call of duty black ops?

The M16 is only a 3round burst so you cannot change it.

Will modern warfare 2 have m16?

yes modern warfare 2 will still have the m16 but instead of the usual 3 shot burst it will be updated to a automatic like the m4 carbine but with more power

Is the m16 a 3 round burst?

yes and no the m16 veitnam was auto the one to day is 3 round burst

Does the m16 have a 3 round burst?

Yes it does.

How do you burst fire in call of duty 4?

You can not burst fire except with the m16 and g3 is single fire but on the PC theres mods that can make burst firing

What gun shot jfk?

a shotgun a m16 automatic shotgun

What round does an m16 shoot?

Depends mostly 3 round burst though can be fully aoutomatic mos accurate with da 3 round burst

Is an m-16 full atomatic?

The m16 rifle is a select fire weapon. Select fire means it can be fired in the semiautomatic mode (1 pull of trigger= 1 shot) or it can be fired in the fully automatic mode (1 pull= shoot until trigger is released) The currently issued M16 is equipped for "burst" fire. When the selector switch is set to Burst, 1 trigger pull= 3 shots.

Will the m16 in black ops 2 be 3 round burst?

In the preview/trailer videos it is, they may change it so its like arma 2 or bf3 where you can change firing mode.

What is the difference between M15 and M16?

Simple answer MI5 homeland, MI6 overseas. sorry that was some other idiot. the real answer is that m15 is semi automatic and the m16 is either semi 3 rd burst and sometimes fully automatic. not that other stupid answer

How many shot per minute for a m16?

About 650 rounds per minute. You will use up an entire 30-round magazine in just a few seconds of constant trigger pull. That's why M16A2 has only single shot, and 3 round burst switch.

How do you fire a m16?

Pretty much the same way you fire any rifle. Once you chamber a round, you just pull the trigger. You have the option of single shot or multiple shots, which fires a three round burst.

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