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they're both assualt rifles both powerful they both have good fire rates theyboth have numbers, the proven best is actually M16 because its 3 round burst so III III III III do u no what i mn and the ak fires 2 da sky the m16 can change but ak cant. so if u needed one get m16

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Q: What is alike about a ak-47 and m16?
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Which is more powerful M16 or AK47?

Both are very powerful, But the AK47 is more. The m16 has better accuracy tho.

Are the Ak47 and M16 barrel the same as flatline for tippmann?


What is the most popular firearm?

An AK47 or Kalashnikov ( excuse my spelling ) followed by the m16

3 guns not in call of duty world at war?


How do you escape the giant owl on Avatar the Last Air Bender?

You get the ak47 or m16 or glock and shoot the eagle in the groin

What kind of weapons are being used by US in Iraq?

ak47 m16 m15 m14 mp5 mr40 rocket launchers

Is UTG compatible with Tokyo Marui?

In terms of most magazines on popular models such as the m16, m4, ak47, etc... yes.

What is an M16's firepower?

A lot of that depends on if you have proper ammunition for the target. But for close range, open areas, or inside buildings, it is pretty decent. Its best quality is the accuracy. It is less powerful than the AK47, but much more accurate. For urban fighting, an AK47 with its heavy punch and penetrating power is better, but an M16 is very flexible and does decent in many situations, including longer ranges where an AK47 would be horribly inaccurate

Which is better m16 or ak47?

Even the very finest of tools are dangerous in the hands of the inept. I suggest you try them both & then form your own opinion.

What were some of the weapons the Americans stoled from the british during the American revolution?

they stole bazocas m16 famas ak47 and ur moms vagania

Is the ak47 better than the m16 explaine why?

first of all my favourite assault rifle is the m16. its better than the ak47 in some ways but the ak is better than the m16 in others wich makes them balanced for battle.the m16 can take attachments-grenade launcher EOTECH sight Combat scope for long ranges masterkey-shotgun barrel attachment(the ak doesnt have this one)foregrip for more steady shooting laser sight burst/single/auto...etc and the m16 is younger and a bit more modern than the AK but i don't care about theyre balance i think the m16 is better because it has that vietnamite/taliban pwnage smell-hpe i helped

Will a AK47 fire a M16 round?

no AK-47 is chambered for 7.62x39mm..... just AK-101 and AK-102 can fire with M-16 round (5.56x45mm)