Which is more powerful M16 or AK47?

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Both are very powerful, But the AK47 is more. The m16 has better accuracy tho.

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Q: Which is more powerful M16 or AK47?
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Which is more powerful M16 or SKS?

The SKS packs a bigger round (7.62mm) than the m16 (5.56mm) but the m16 has a higher magazine capacity, better accuracy,and a higher rate of fire, so the SKS is more powerful, but the m16 is generally regarded as a better weapon.

Will a AK47 fire a M16 round?

no AK-47 is chambered for 7.62x39mm..... just AK-101 and AK-102 can fire with M-16 round (5.56x45mm)

M16 vs ak47?

The answer is simple. AK can break through concrete, M16 can't. Run over AK with Humvee, it still works, M16 will break to pieces. Bury an AK in dirt, still works fine. Bury an M16, doesn't work. Submerge an AK in water, works just great. Submerge an M16 in water, jams. The M16 is more accurate that the AK47. It has a higher muzzle velocity. It has a much higher rate of fire. The weight of a soldier's supply of rounds is much less with the M16. The AK has substantial impact at 300 - 600 meters. The M16 has very little impact at that range. This is because the AK uses 30 calibre (7.56 mm) bullets and the M16 uses 22 calibre (5.56 mm) bullets. The small diameter causes the bullet to slow from air resistance quite rapidly. The M16 has a problem (as do all rapid-firing ultralight assault rifles) of overheating when firing long bursts. One method that some American instructors taught their soldiers to destroy weapons that had to be left behind was to fire a full 20 round clip and then push the barrel against the ground. The barrel will warp. The AK is much more resilient.

Is a 44 magnum more powerful than a m16 asult rifle?

I'd imagine that at closer ranges (like 50 yards or closer) the .44 Magnum is much more powerful. But it is a handgun round, which loses power fairly quickly. The M-16 shoots a small diameter bullet (.223) but is accurate and more powerful at a longer distance.

What is alike about a ak-47 and m16?

they're both assualt rifles both powerful they both have good fire rates theyboth have numbers, the proven best is actually M16 because its 3 round burst so III III III III do u no what i mn and the ak fires 2 da sky the m16 can change but ak cant. so if u needed one get m16

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Are the Ak47 and M16 barrel the same as flatline for tippmann?


What is an M16's firepower?

A lot of that depends on if you have proper ammunition for the target. But for close range, open areas, or inside buildings, it is pretty decent. Its best quality is the accuracy. It is less powerful than the AK47, but much more accurate. For urban fighting, an AK47 with its heavy punch and penetrating power is better, but an M16 is very flexible and does decent in many situations, including longer ranges where an AK47 would be horribly inaccurate

Is a m16 more powerful than a cm901 assault rifle?

In 5.56x45, the CM901 and M16 are an even match. In 7.62x39 and 7.62x51, the CM901 is considerably more powerful.

Is the M16 rifle stronger than an AK47 rifle?

Contrary to what the previous answer stated, no. The AK47, AKM, and variants fire the 7.62x39 cartridge, which is much more powerful than the 5.56x45 cartridge used by the M16. The gas piston system used by the AK series rifles is more forgiving of abuse and poor maintenance by the operator than the direct impingement system of the M16. The receivers of the AK series rifles are made of steel, while the M16 receivers are made of aluminum - each material has advantages and disadvantages over the other which come at a trade off. And the M16 is the more accurate of the two, owing to tighter tolerances.

Is M14 rifle more powerful than AK47?


Which is more powerful M16 or SKS?

The SKS packs a bigger round (7.62mm) than the m16 (5.56mm) but the m16 has a higher magazine capacity, better accuracy,and a higher rate of fire, so the SKS is more powerful, but the m16 is generally regarded as a better weapon.

What is the most popular firearm?

An AK47 or Kalashnikov ( excuse my spelling ) followed by the m16

3 guns not in call of duty world at war?


What is better a m16 or AK-47?

an m16 is more accurate and you can carry more rounds but the ak-47 leaves a bigger hole and is more powerful

Is the ak47 better than the m16 explaine why?

first of all my favourite assault rifle is the m16. its better than the ak47 in some ways but the ak is better than the m16 in others wich makes them balanced for battle.the m16 can take attachments-grenade launcher EOTECH sight Combat scope for long ranges masterkey-shotgun barrel attachment(the ak doesnt have this one)foregrip for more steady shooting laser sight burst/single/auto...etc and the m16 is younger and a bit more modern than the AK but i don't care about theyre balance i think the m16 is better because it has that vietnamite/taliban pwnage smell-hpe i helped

Is the AK 47 better than the M16?

Depends on the application. The AK47 is a selective Fire (Full auto Capable) assault rifle that will fire in just about any circumstances. It fires a 7.62x39mm Cartridge that provides excellent power at a rate of 600 Rounds per minute. The M16 is a Selective fire (3 round burst, Single shot) Rifle that fires a 5.56x45mm NATO round. The M16 is less powerful, but fires at a high velocity and incredible accuracy, if poorly maintained, the m16 is likely to jam. The AK47 is Raw Power, But fires at a lower velocity with decreased accuracy and control. The AK47 has one of the highest reliabilities to fire if poorly maintained, however. There are many variants of both rifles however, this is just a generalization. There was also a documentary who did a comparison of the two. the M16 penetrated just over 2 inches of Hardwood, where the AK47 penetrated over 6 inches of Hardwood.

How do you escape the giant owl on Avatar the Last Air Bender?

You get the ak47 or m16 or glock and shoot the eagle in the groin

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