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The SKS packs a bigger round (7.62mm) than the m16 (5.56mm) but the m16 has a higher magazine capacity, better accuracy,and a higher rate of fire, so the SKS is more powerful, but the m16 is generally regarded as a better weapon.

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Q: Which is more powerful M16 or SKS?
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Which is more powerful M16 or AK47?

Both are very powerful, But the AK47 is more. The m16 has better accuracy tho.

Is a m16 more powerful than a cm901 assault rifle?

In 5.56x45, the CM901 and M16 are an even match. In 7.62x39 and 7.62x51, the CM901 is considerably more powerful.

Which fires more accurately ak-47 or m16?


What is the difference between an ak-47 and an m16?

They are 2 completely different guns. The Kalashnicov (Ak-47) is meant to be used as an automatic weapon, it is extremely powerful and is one of the most simple guns in the world, and one of the most famous. The M16 is meant to be used as a rifle, it is less powerful, and is far more accurate.

Is an ar15 more powerful than an M16?

Potentially, they could be. The AR-15 is available in the calibre .223/5.56 The M16 is the military nomenclature for a particular model of AR-15, and is only available in 5.56x45 chambering as a semi or a fully automatic.

Can a sks rifle take down a bear?

Yes, bears have been taken down with much less powerful firearms, but the SKS is not a real good choice for this as it is relatively low power and only a medium caliber.

Is fal more powerful than m16k?

not necessarily. 2 shots from the fal and 3 from and m16 if they count. but being better all together depends on the person using the weapon. its all about accuracy and target acquisition. if you miss with the m16 it can easily spit out 3 more rounds. if you miss with the fal. in my opinion your more likely to get balled up.

Is a 44 magnum more powerful than a m16 asult rifle?

I'd imagine that at closer ranges (like 50 yards or closer) the .44 Magnum is much more powerful. But it is a handgun round, which loses power fairly quickly. The M-16 shoots a small diameter bullet (.223) but is accurate and more powerful at a longer distance.

Would a mosin nagant be better than a sks?

It depends on what you'll be using it for. The Mosin Nagant is generally more accurate and has a much further range than the SKS. However, the SKS is semi-automatic, smaller and lighter.

What was the most powerful weapon used in the civil war?

BB guns like m16 m4A1 And pedro for a cannon

What is value of Chinese SKS rifle?

In the vicinity of $200 for a basic Type 56 carbine, up to $500 - $600 for some of the more 'exotic' models, like the paratrooper carbine, and detachable magazine SKS D and SKS M rifles.

When was SKS Microfinance created?

SKS Microfinance was created in 1998.