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I'd imagine that at closer ranges (like 50 yards or closer) the .44 Magnum is much more powerful. But it is a handgun round, which loses power fairly quickly. The M-16 shoots a small diameter bullet (.223) but is accurate and more powerful at a longer distance.

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Q: Is a 44 magnum more powerful than a m16 asult rifle?
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Is a rifle the most powerfullest gun ever?

First, it is rifle, not riffle. Second, no, or we would shoot tanks with a rifle. Cannon are more powerful. Finally, depends on the rifle. I have a .22 rifle and a .44 magnum pistol. The pistol is far more powerful than the rifle. I also have a .22 pistol, and a 30-06 rifle. The rifle is far more powerful than the pistol (in THAT example).

Which gun is stronger a magnum or a carbine?

Two unrelated terms. A magnum is a cartridge more powerful than the original cartridge. Carbine is a short barreled rifle. Some carbines are chambered for magnum cartridges.

What is more powerful 357 magnum or 44 magnum?

.44 Magnum

Which is more powerful a 41 magnum or 357 magnum?

your kidding right?A .41mag is more powerful then a .357mag. But less powerful then a .44mag.

Can you shoot magnum shells with the 512-x?

If you mean a Remington 512 X Sportsmaster, no. It is for .22 Short, Long, Long rifle cartridges. The .22 magnum is longer, larger in diameter and more powerful.

Which is more powerful a 45 or a 44?

A 44 magnum is more powerful than a 45calibur

Are shotguns more powerful than magnums?

Magnum simply means a more powerful cartridge. Some shotguns fire magnum cartridges. You need to define the "Magnum" you are trying to compare with a shotgun.

What is more powerful 308 or 300 rifle?

Depends on which .300 cartridge you had in mind... for default, we'll go with .300 Winchester Magnum, which is basically a .308 with a longer casing (67mm vs. 51mm). The .300 WM is the more powerful of the two.

What is more powerful 357 or 9mm?

.357 Magnum.

What is more powerful a 357 magnum or a 38 special?

.357 Magnum. You can tell just by the recoil of the firearm.

What is more powerful handgun a 357 magnum or a 45 acp?

.357 magnum Actually, a more correct answer is, MOST 357 is more powerful and MOST 45, but there are a couple of exceptions, if you are talking about muzzle energy.

Is the smith and Wesson 500 magnum the strongest handgun?

No, the .600 Nitro Express is more powerful. Also, there is a .700 Nitro Express round that is designed for a rifle, but there is one handgun that will fire it.