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If you mean a Remington 512 X Sportsmaster, no. It is for .22 Short, Long, Long rifle cartridges. The .22 magnum is longer, larger in diameter and more powerful.

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Q: Can you shoot magnum shells with the 512-x?
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What is the difference in a Light 20 a-5 and the magnum 20 a-5.?

The Light will only accept and shoot 2 3/4" shells. The Magnum will shoot up to 3" 20ga shells.

What shells are recommended for 22 sentinel deluxe r 107. will it shoot the magnum shell?

If has the magnum cylinder it will.

How can you tell if your Remington 870 can shoot 3 magnum shells?

The sizes of shells it accepts will be stamped on the barrel

Can a 22 magnum pistol shoot long rifle shells?

No, they are different sizes.

Can you shoot 44 special shells in your 44 magnum?

In a .44 Magnum revolver, yes. In a semi-automatic .44 Magnum (such as the Desert Eagle), no.

Can you shoot oo buck magnum out of a regular non magnum shotgun safely?

In general, no. Unless the gun is marked for 3 inch (or even 3 1/2 inch) shells, you should not attempt to fire 3 inch Magnum shells, even if they seem to fit. However, if you have a gun made for 2 3/4 inch shells, and have 2 3/4 inch "magnum" shells, IF your gun is safe to shoot, it should be safe to shoot those "baby" magnums.

Can you shoot 2 and 34 shells out of topper model 88 3 inch camber?

sure - clean it afterward

Can you shoot 357 magnum shells in a 357 maximum rifle?

Yes, however, they may not cycle thru, and need to be loaded one at a time. Chamber will need cleaning after shooting the shorter magnum cartridge.

Are all 3 inch shotgun shells magnum shells?

Yes, they are all high brass and considered magnum loads

Can you shoot a 41 magnum round out of a 44 magnum revolver?


When were three inch magnum shotgun shells first made?

When were 3inch magnum

Which gun will shoot farther a daisy 22 or a 22 magnum?

Magnums usually shoot faster. Hence the term Magnum