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Yes it does.

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Q: Does the m16 have a 3 round burst?
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Is the m16 a 3 round burst?

yes and no the m16 veitnam was auto the one to day is 3 round burst

What round does an m16 shoot?

Depends mostly 3 round burst though can be fully aoutomatic mos accurate with da 3 round burst

How do you take off the 3 shot burst of a m16 in call of duty black ops?

The M16 is only a 3round burst so you cannot change it.

What guns fires in a three round burst on call of duy black ops?

the m16 and the g11 are both three round burst guns on call of duty black ops

Is a M16 full auto or 3 round burst?

The M16A1, Diemaco/Colt Canada C7, Diemaco/Colt Canada C8, and M4A1 have fully unrestricted automatic fire. The M16A2, M16A4, M16A5, and M4 are limited to a three round burst.

What is the best way to shoot from a m16?

Well probably a three round burst as its more accurate and dont fire to da sky, yh the 3 round burst III III III III III III III III III III III III

Will the m16 in black ops 2 be 3 round burst?

In the preview/trailer videos it is, they may change it so its like arma 2 or bf3 where you can change firing mode.

Were the m16 issued during Vietnam fully automatic or 3 round bursts?

The M-16's issued during the Vietnam War were fully automatic. The three-round burst was adopted later.

Is a m16 a 2 shot burst?

No. The current M16A2 and A4 have a three shot burst mode. The M16 and M16A1 had a full-automatic mode.

What is alike about a ak-47 and m16?

they're both assualt rifles both powerful they both have good fire rates theyboth have numbers, the proven best is actually M16 because its 3 round burst so III III III III do u no what i mn and the ak fires 2 da sky the m16 can change but ak cant. so if u needed one get m16

Are M16 machine guns?

In a way the M16 is a machine gun, but it can also do three round burst and semi automatic. civilians are not allowed to have automatic m16s unless you have an automatic weapons permit, but you can have a semi automatic M16. (an AR-15 is almost like an M16 and much cheaper if you're looking to buy one.)

Can an M16 really shoot triple fire?

Yes, it is a select fire weapon.( semi-automatic, three-round burst and full-automatic fire. )