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go to the plazma burst 2 official website and click on custom maps in the tool bat

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Q: What is the passward of custom map in plazma burst 2?
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What are some map id in plazma burst 2?

Go to Plazma burst and go to Custom Maps

What plazma burst 2 map id has butter in it?

school map id

How do you copy a map on plazma burst 2?

you cant but you can try your hardest to imitate it

How do you be a ghost in plazma burst 2?

You cannot, however, there are special CO-OP maps specialized for it by the map creator, and only there can you be a Ghost. actually you can make a ghost in a custom map just do his character number 12 or you can use the advanced level editor

How do you beat level 34 on plazma burst 2?

Climb to the top of the map and jump all the way down and use E to turn on the button

What are some cheats for plazma burst 2?

Sometimes you can go to gunshops where there isn't anybody in that map. Or,if there is already another person,you will have to wait until that God leaves.

How to never die in plazma burst 2?

In multiplayer, how much health you have depends on the map. If you are asking about single player then all I know is that for this to be possible is to hack plasma burst. I know people that have done this, so it is possible. The final way to never die in plazma burst 2 is to have skills. ;D

How do you become a god in plazma burst 2?

Sometimes, like often in gunshops (But not limited to), are the only places you can become god. To do this, you must either be the first at the map, or connect as the god leaves. Then you will take his place.

What are some map id's for plazma burst 2?

If you like school maps then here are a couple: butter_is_good-school - (Commentary) works but isn't very good. assassingurl36-school - (Commentary) sucks it doesn't work

How do you play a custom map on halo 3?

You go to the main menu go to custom games and pick a map

What is error code 1010 on plazma burt 2?

Error 1010 is when your objects are to high over map limit try lowering them

How do you turn god in plazma burst 2 video?

okay so you must join a server with nobody else in it or ask them to leave then reconnect (no one must be there) and you will be a god i hope this helped :)hugod:go multiplayer and go make new game, here are som map ID:errr_arrr-gunshop masud123-air_attack and bosscat1-house