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It is wrong but maybe 50 bucks eh bro

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Q: How much would a combat level 79 runescape account sell for?
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Where are grapes found on runescape?

If your combat level 25+ then I would recommend that u go to varrok and fight guards tht a level 21 and they wil drop 3 grapes every once in a while.

Why is it so hard to lvl your combat up on runescape?

The Reason Is Because If Everyone Was A High Level That wouldn't be fun would it? Also if every person was level 138 it would be way easier to kill dragons ect. Your Welcome :)

What is the recommended combat level for the Desert Treasure Quest?

It all depends on your combat levels, if your a pure, around 70 ish maybe lower but if you have a normal account, around 80ish i would say.

What happens if your RuneScape account is disabled?

To recover a disabled account, which means your account is already been disabled, and you still have right password, in this case, you need to log on runescape home page ------> Help -------> Appeal Bans&Mutes, to unban your account, you could describle what you want to say to help you get your account back, and anway, once an account got disabled, jagex would not release the account for you. there is very little chance for you to get account back. if you are too lazy to tain a high level account, i suggest you can buy runescape account on, well trusted, and all accounts are 100% safe.

How do you find out original login username for runescape if you changed your ingame name twice?

That's the sweet part of runescape by adding that now it would be harder to hack your account. But otherwise you log in in as your original account to get on to runescape.

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What is the best combat level to use dragon claws on runescape?

I would have to say combat level 89 or 77

If you had 99prayer in runescape what would your combat be?

At 99 prayer with all other combat skills at 1 (except hitoints 10) your combat level would be 15.

Does mage level up your account in runescape?

Do you mean combat level? - the number other players see when hovering their mouse pointer over your character?If so, your combat level is calculated from the following skills.Attack and Strength or Ranged or MagicDefenceConstitutionPrayerSummoningIf your highest combat related skills are in Melee (attack and strength) then that's what your combat level will be calculated from. If your Magic level became higher then the calculation for your combat level would include that. Likewise with ranged. Defence, Constitution, Prayer and Summoning(if a member) are included in whichever calculation applies.It's a bit complicated. Runescape Wiki's page on Combat Level (see link below) includes the formulas used for the calculation.

Do you get level ups for doing mage in runescape?

Yes. Magic contributes to your combat level. Assuming you trained only Magic to 99, but left your HP at 10 (which is possible), you would have a combat level of 50.

Can anyone send their level 100 or over runescape account to Removed?

no because why would they do that

Can you have a free runescape account prefered a lvl 100 or higher?

Yes you can have a free runescape account but you would need to get that account from level 3 to 100 yourself... you only have to pay to be a member Note that transferring an account between players is against the RuneScape rules.

What combat lv. would you be if you had 70 attack 70 strength and 70 deffense on runescape?

Your combat level is also dependant on your hitpoints, prayer, range, magic and summoning level. Assuming you had 70 attack, strength and defence, with 10 hitpoints (the lowest level you can have) and the rest of the skills mentioned above at level 1, you would have a combat level of 65. If however you had 70 hitpoints as well, you would be a level 80 combat.

Does anyone have a runescape account they would like to give away?

I can get you an account but it depends what level you want it to be and add job 2oo6 he will set u up.

What level will be if you had 99 Defence 73 Attack and 72 Strength on RuneScape?

Assuming you had 99 Hitpoints, and only had 1 Prayer, Summoning, Magic, and Ranged, you would have a combat level of 96.

Does anyone want to give you a runescape account above level 90?

If they would be so you lvl it and get money for them and they hack it back

What if you have a runescape account that is members that is level 27 attack level 42 woodcutting level 40 firemaking level 8 agility level 23 defence level 25 strength what would you do?


Can someone please give me a runescape account level 40 plus please and thank you?

No, although you can make one and level it would be much more satifacting