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If your combat level 25+ then I would recommend that u go to varrok and fight guards tht a level 21 and they wil drop 3 grapes every once in a while.

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Q: Where are grapes found on runescape?
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Where can you pick grapes on runescape?

As far as I know you cant pick grapes there are no such thing

What is the best way to get grapes on RuneScape?

Buy them on the Grand Exchange. Another option is to kill guards around Varrock - they drop grapes.

How do you make wine in runescape?

Put Grapes In A Jug Of Water For Ten Mins.

What is the website that RuneScape made?

RuneScape's website and the website of the creators of RuneScape can be found in the related links section.

What name is the acid called in grapes?

An acid found in grapes is called maleic acid

Where do you find grapes in runescape?

Go to the Grand Exchange and buy them.. i think they also might be in the cooking guild EAt them and you will poo them out!

Where can you mine granite in RuneScape?

granite can be minned via the desert. here's a guide i found on runescape:

Where are ogres found in runescape?

Felidip hills

Where are grapes produced on RuneScape?

They aren't produced as funny as that sounds... there are 2 main places to get grapes, cooks guild and some other place but obviously you can wait for an offer in the G.E. well for me i always fight the Varrok guards and they give always give me at least 100 grapes an hour

Why did Leif Ericsson name the land he found Vinland?

After the grapes (grapevines) he found there.

What is the weakest monster on runescape?

A chicken, that can be found in Lumbridge.

Are grapes always green?

No way! Grapes are ALWAYS blue with pink polka dots! I have found millions of these weird grapes. IT'S TRUE!