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To recover a disabled account, which means your account is already been disabled, and you still have right password, in this case, you need to log on

runescape home page ------> Help -------> Appeal Bans&Mutes, to unban your account, you could describle what you want to say to help you get your account back, and anway, once an account got disabled, Jagex would not release the account for you. there is very little chance for you to get account back.

if you are too lazy to tain a high level account, i suggest you can buy runescape account on, well trusted, and all accounts are 100% safe.

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Q: What happens if your RuneScape account is disabled?
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What happens when you exit RuneScape?

Your Account and your IP get logged off the Runescape servers.

What happens if you dont submit your age on RuneScape?

Your age is required to play create a Runescape account. In addition, you must be at least 13 years of age, or your account creation will be denied.

What is rs account?

That may refer to a RuneScape account - an account for the game, RuneScape.

Loop your RuneScape account?

What do you mean by looping a runescape account?

How do you delete an account on RuneScape?

You cannot delete an account on RuneScape.

How do you delete a RuneScape account?

It is not possible to delete a RuneScape account.

How do you delete your RuneScape account?

There is currently no option to delete your RuneScape account.

What happens if you hack RuneScape?

what happens to hackers? well you will proberbly get some benefits OR you could get banned and lose your account I advice to sttick with afk :)

Are there cheats on RuneScape?

No, there are no cheats on Runescape, however, there are bots which can do things such as train skills, make money, etc. These are against the rules, and can get you a 10-day ban, followed by a 6 month ban with a last chance appeal. Then your account will be disabled permanently.

How can you create an account on RuneScape?

You can make a RuneScape account by going to the home page.

Where can one make a RuneScape account?

One can make a Runescape account by logging into the official website of Runescape. One has to provide age, email address and password in order to make a Runescape account.

Can somebody send you a free RuneScape account to your email anthonynieto32ymailcom?

You can sign up for a free RuneScape account on the RuneScape website.