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It isn't possible to find the exact creation date of your runescape account. Unless you remember.

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Q: How do you find when you created your RuneScape account?
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Can I have a free RuneScape account?

Yes. RuneScape accounts can be easily created for free on the RuneScape website.

What is Runescape password?

"runescape password" is the password required to access one's created runescape account.

How do you find out how you paid for Runescape membership?

Runescape Homepage > Cursor over Account > Account Management > Account Information > Login.

What is a rune scape account?

A Runescape account is a gaming account created at the website Runescape is a massive online game played by millions of people and created by Jagex Runescape accounts remain the property of Jagex as state the terms and conditions agreed to during the creation of the account a runescape account can be played for free or as a member in which you will recieve additional features

How do you change your password in RuneScape?

First go to the RuneScape Homepage and click Account Management under Account. Under Account Setting you will find Change password. Then Log in and change it.

Membership on Runescape?

To become a member on runescape, find the 'account management' tab on the home page and hit upgrade your account. Jagex will walk you through.

Does anyone have a free runescape 138 account il trade my level 108 with 99 mining?

Trading RuneScape accounts is against the rules of RuneScape - rules that you agreed to when you created your RuneScape account. An account is meant to be used only by one person. Please don't post any such questions here.

What is rs account?

That may refer to a RuneScape account - an account for the game, RuneScape.

Loop your RuneScape account?

What do you mean by looping a runescape account?

How do you delete an account on RuneScape?

You cannot delete an account on RuneScape.

How do you delete a RuneScape account?

It is not possible to delete a RuneScape account.

How do you find out original login username for runescape if you changed your ingame name twice?

That's the sweet part of runescape by adding that now it would be harder to hack your account. But otherwise you log in in as your original account to get on to runescape.