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That's the sweet part of runescape by adding that now it would be harder to hack your account. But otherwise you log in in as your original account to get on to runescape.

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Q: How do you find out original login username for runescape if you changed your ingame name twice?
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How do you send in a player moderator form in runescape Yes I was asked by mod mark to become one If that doesn't work is there any way to just send the jagex moderators an email?

You get a player moderator by invitation. The invitation will NOT be sent via email, and NOT via ingame chat. Finally, it will NOT redirect you to websites outside of RuneScape. You should get the invitation via the ingame messaging system. If you get any of the above-mentioned, it is a scam.

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In your profile, you set front and rear weapons and special as certain keys, which are used ingame. These can be changed by going into players, and reconfiguring the controls.

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It shouldn't be. The reason Jagex has created the tutorial the way it is currently is because it covers many of the main controls you'd use ingame. It covers combat basics, skill training, how to make money and due to the scattered nature of the starting weapons armor and tools, it makes you go all over runescape to you get to know your way around :) Hope this helps.

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