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Runescape Homepage > Account > Account Management > Cancel Subscription.

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Q: How do you end a hacked accounts subscription in runescape?
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Questions that break RuneScape rules?

Please DO NOT! post questions that break runescape rules, these Include:- Questions relating to Bots / Macros.- asking for things that run on other scripts/sources etc.- Copying Scripts off Jagex.- Asking where to get macros/scripts.- Scamming other players.- Asking for free Runescape Accounts.- Real-World trading.- Buying/Selling/Trading of Runescape Accounts.- Questions about Runescape Private Servers and/or Moparscape.- Using Runescape's Account Recovery Service to gain Runescape Accounts.- No asking Runescape Private Server Related Questions.- Asking for Runescape Item ID's.- Wilderness Related Questions, luring etc.WikiAnswers Rule-list:- No Advertising Any Runescape-based events.- Asking for In-Game items.If a player states there is cheat codes please note that Jagex clearly stated themselves there there is no direct and Safe cheats, most macros were made to steal players Runescape accounts, you would seem to think that you are downloading a macro, you would see fake screen shots of it on some site, but that you may actually be downloading is something called a Key-Logger, this will jot down any key stroke you type, the includes your runescape passwords if you enter them in, so for players safety any questions to do with hacking, or cheating on runescape will not be answered, they will end up being moved here, let this be an early warning, it's your time wasted it only takes seconds to merge.In future before posting questions like these, be sure to look at the link below first. Note: This is a catch-all question, to keep the Jagex & Runescape categories clean.

Where is zooknock after you beat monkey madness on runescape?

He is at the end of ape troll dungeon

How do you delete games from LG GD580?

Get a new phone?....or go to where u bought and go to end subscription.

RuneScape where is lumbridge swamp?

South of Lumbridge. Lumbridge is the city where you start playing, and where you end up if you die, or do a home teleport.

Where is the ticket office in the duel arena on runescape?

There is no ticket office, however if you are after tickets to get into the desert, you will want the shantay pass, it is the other end of al-kharid.

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When you try to end the runescape subscription it said you have not made any agreement how can i end my membership?

You can end RuneScape membership on the RuneScape Website, go to account management.

When did Hacked - TV series - end?

Hacked - TV series - ended in 2013.

When did Preview - subscription service - end?

Preview - subscription service - ended in 1986.

How do you know when your membership will end with a credit card in runescape?

The only ways that membership can end on a credit card is if one of the following happened:You cancel your membership subscription via the Runescape homepage.You run out of fund ( No money left in bank -bankrupt- ).The way of finding out if it has run out is when Jagex send a notification via email on the Runescape site.Otherwise, membership will keep renewing every month automatically until one of the above points happen.

When will RuneScape end?

Runescape isn't a game that has an official end. The game creators are always developing new content.

How do you stop subscription on rune scape?

all you do is go on to runescape log into ur account then it says u have (blank) amount of rs membership days left so u click that and it should say u can end it there thx :)

Is there an end to RuneScape?

NO. There is no end to runescape. It does not have runescape levels like level-1 or anything. It is a free form game where you try to get high skills and a lot of gold. The point is to be sucessful.

What to do...I got hacked one runescape lvl 89...lost 51mill cash?

I was like soo angry.....all the work i put into dat account and finding out that at the end u lost everything u did for that account...plzz help me tell me wat to i am rly bored now cause i quit runescape tell me wat to do now.

How RuneScape will end?

Runescape will end when users quit the game. If the game is not receiving enough revenue, the creators will shut the game down.

Can you get a virus from rune scape?

No. But if your downloading a "hack" or "bot" for runescape it will probably end up hacking your runescape account.

If you have multiple games on your account does it take days from all of them?

Each game that is listed on your account has its own subscription (if any). This means that if you have two games, with different amounts of subscription days on them, you can end up with different subscription end dates. Each subscription gets days taken separately, so you have to pay for both subscriptions. Merging them in a signle batt.enet account does not change that.

What are good RPG games like runescape?

There is World of Warcraft, but I t can end up being Pricey, unlike Runescape.