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Ten Tactical Nukes to unlock the emblem.

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2010-03-28 14:27:16
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Q: How many tactical nukes do you need to get the tactical nuke emblem in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?
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How do you unlock emblems and titles on modern warfare 2?

Each title and emblem have challenges that need to be completed before being able to use them. These challenges can be viewed in the Barracks section when in a lobby.

How do you get the radioactive emblem in mw2?

i'd say you will have to get 10 nukes because my friend had 9 nukes then got another in a match and at the end of the game in the lobby he had earned the nuke emblem! So I really hoped this helped you to try hard to get a nuke!

Does black ops have a tactical nuke?

No it does not have a Tactical Nuke You are thinking about MW2. "The Tactical Nuke is an unlockable killstreak reward in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which takes 25 (24 with Hardline) kills in a row to obtain." see related linkyes it does but u need a 250 kill streak to get it with any hand gunThat's actually wrong. They took it away away because this game takes place in the 60s and back than they didn't have the tactical nuke. Modern warfare 2 is present warfare and that's why its in that game and not black ops. Rumer is that their is gonna be a update where when you get a 50 kill streak than you can have a nuclear bomb for the next match you play.No your actually wrong and heres the many reasons why1. theres a level called nuke town where a nuke gets set off at the end of every game2.The first level is the bay of pigs during the cold war, the cold war was a race to nuclear weapons supremecy, the bay of pigs caused the Cuban missile crisis, it was a crisis because they were nukes!!3. Vietnam was AFTER world war II, which was ended by a nuclear bomb4. most of the guns you play with were only created in the 70'sinfact im bored listing every way that you are wrong because id end up listing each level as evidence. This game is a testament to how wrong you are. good god!also no there is no nuke in black ops, there will never be a nuke in black opsNuketown / Trivia "At the end of a match (no matter the result), the nuclear bomb in the stand will fall to the ground and make a ground burst detonation, obliterating the map."Hes right they did have nukes but not in the game :) No they were not tactical nukes which are those that kill people and do not do the damage of a full nuclear blast

Does India have nukes?


How do nukes?

you nuke with nuclear fission and fusion

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How do you unlock the tatical nuke emblem?

do 50 tactical nukes

How do you get fake nuke emblem in mw2?

you need to get 5 tactical nukes

How do you get a tactical nuke emblem on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

Unlock the killstreak challenges and get 10 nukes while in the current prestige, if you prestige then all challenges are reset meaning you will have to unlock and do the challenge again. Hope this helps :)

How many choppergunners do you need for the emblem in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

25. It shouldn't be that hard. I've gotten more than that with nukes.

Can you use Nukes in Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reflex?

no no you can not

What is the best modern warfare 2 title?

anything that you like, because its what you prefer, no what other likes, and in my opinion I would choose a gold skull title will be fine :), for emblem I like the nuke emblem, and you unlock it when you call in 10 nukes :)

How do you get global thermonuclear war in modern warfare two?

You have to get 2 nukes.

How do get nukes faster in modern warfare 2?

You camp in a building or a house.

Is there a nuke on Call of duty modern warfare 1 for Wii?

There is no nuke for Call of Duty 4. There are only nukes in Modern Warfare 2

Why did they get rid of nukes on black ops?

because Obama banned it because he played Modern Warfare 2 and got raped by nukes!

How can you get the End of Line title easily on modern warfare 2?

Call in 5 nukes.

How many nukes do you have to get to have the nuke emblem on mw2?

To get the mw2 nuke emblem you have to get 10 nukes OVER 9000 joke, 10

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