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i'd say you will have to get 10 nukes because my friend had 9 nukes then got another in a match and at the end of the game in the lobby he had earned the nuke emblem! So I really hoped this helped you to try hard to get a nuke!

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Q: How do you get the radioactive emblem in mw2?
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How many nukes do you have to get to have the nuke emblem on mw2?

To get the mw2 nuke emblem you have to get 10 nukes OVER 9000 joke, 10

How do you unlock the intervention emblem on mw2?

get 2500 headshots

How do you get the precision air strike emblem on MW2?


How do you get the AC130 emblem in MW2?

Get 25 AC-130s

How do you unlock the rhino emblem on mw2?

There is no rhino emblem. Unless you are talking about the Ghost emblem, in that case it would be reaching 10th Prestige.

How do you get the German sheperd emblem in MW2?

A person can unlock or get the German Shepard emblem on MW2 by completing the Multi RPG III challenge. The badge will then show up on the person's profile.

How do you unlock the harriers emblem in MW2 for ps3?

call in 25

How do you unlock the headshot emblem on MW2?

10000 headshots with snipers

How do you get the panda emblem on mw2?

this website tells you how how to get all the emblems

How do you get dog emblem MW2?

The hyena...You have to get 50 kills with a RPG.

How do yo get the ak47 emblem on MW2?

Complete ak-47 veteran2

How do you unlock the bear emblem on mw2?

you have to get 50 double kils with c4