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Each title and emblem have challenges that need to be completed before being able to use them. These challenges can be viewed in the Barracks section when in a lobby.

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You finish the challenge that is required for each, eg. End of the line title is achieved by calling in 5 nukes. etc.

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Q: How do you unlock emblems and titles on modern warfare 2?
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How do you unlock all Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 titles and emblems?

by completing challenges and getting your ranks up.

How do you unlock all titles and emblems on modern warfare 3?

you unlock it by doing multiplayer it just matters how much kills, or falling, and random things you do

Can you unlock titles and emblems in private matches on modern warfare 2?

No unfortunately same as you can't level up in private matches

Unlock titles and emblems for modern warfare 2?

You get titles and emblems for doing the majority of challenges you see. I f you look through your challenges you will find that the challenge names are on the titles, some times. there are many apps on the IPhone and I Pod touch that tell you how to get the titles and emblems. I hope this is a good answer for you

Do you unlock guns when you prestige on call of duty modern warfare 2?

No, all your guns are reset to the same as you were when you were level 1. The only thing you unlock when prestiging is emblems and titles.

What Happens after prestige mode on Modern Warfare 2?

You go back to experience level one. (You get to keep your titles and emblems though.) And you unlock another custom class.

How do you get all the title and emblems on call of duty modern warfare 2?

Unlock the challenges for them.

How do you get spinning golden circle emblem on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2?

Get to 10th prestige, unlock everything (challenges, emblems, titles, weapon challenges and camos, etc....)

How do you unlock all modern warfare 2 emblems?

to get all emblems you need to complete a certain of challenges for each weapons, which is really hard...

In call of duty modern warfare 2 when you prestige can you still get all of the call signs and emblems that you did not unlock before you prestige?


How do you unlock the emblem on call of duty modern warfare 2?

There are several different emblems; you need to be more specific and say exactly which emblem(s) you wish to unlock.

Is there any gold weapons in call of duty modern warfare 2?

No, there are no gold weapons. However, with certain amounts of kills or headshots, you can unlock emblems and titles for the weapon they were achieved with. The kills part also applies to killstreaks, like the AC130.