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You unlock it by getting to 10th Prestige.

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2010-03-02 23:16:59
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Q: How do you unlock the skull emblem on Call of DUty Modern Warfare 2?
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What is the best modern warfare 2 title?

anything that you like, because its what you prefer, no what other likes, and in my opinion I would choose a gold skull title will be fine :), for emblem I like the nuke emblem, and you unlock it when you call in 10 nukes :)

How do you get the moving skull emblem in modern warfare 2?

Complete all prestige challenges. You must be prestiged at least once.

What is the highest level in modern warfare 2?

The highest rank is Prestige 10 at level 70, the emblem is a circle with a skull inside of it.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 close up skull emblem unlock?

Get payback 25 times with a headshot. Looks like you don't do too well with headshots and accuracy. Or you just don't die as much.

How do you unlock the pink skull emblem in call of duty?

See related links.

How do you get pink skull and cross bones emblem on modern warfare 2?

you have to kill 4 people with 1 desert eagle bullet, and at the same time recite the holy prayer.

How do you unlock the pirate flag emblem on call of duty MW2?

The pirate flag emblem is currently unknown and not verified... but the skull and bones emblem is when you get twenty game winning kills.

How do you get a gun title in modern warfare 2?

You have to get 500 kills for the silver title, 1000 kills for the emblem (silver) 2500 kills for the White skull title, 250 headshots for the silver title with a headshot emblem in it, 1000 for the gold emblem or 2500 for the Gold skull emblem. This is for Submarine, Assault and Light Machine guns other weapons may vary but just look it up in the challenges section. Hope this helps :)

What does the skull in modern warfare 2 mean?

location of dead teammate

Where can you buy the skull balaclava from call of duty modern warfare 2?

In the NX Cash shop

Who is ghost in modern warfare 2?

He is your teammate in Task Force 141, he has a noticeable skull mask.

How do you get the elite title and emblem?

To get the green title and skull emblem you will have to buy Call of Duty Elite then put in your account password and username. Then go on PSN and check your titles/emblems. To get the grey one with red skull just sign up and then go on PSN and check your title/emblem.

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