Does India have nukes

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: Does India have nukes
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How many nukes does India have?

Not sure

Can India defeat china?

they can deter by using NUKES!

What countries tested nukes in 1998?

India and Pakistan.

How did India get nukes?

They got a 25 kill-streak

How many nukes have been used?

Obviously two have been used in anger, but hundreds have been carried out by the Americans, Russians and the French. Nukes have also been detonated by the UK, Pakistan, India, Israel and more recently North Korea. Together the number of nukes detonated runs into the hundreds.

What was the difference between World War 1 nukes and World War 2 nukes?

There were no nukes in WWI.

Can nukes be stopped by a missile?

Yes but not easy. But the truth is if nukes are already in space there is no way that missiles can stop nukes.

Are nukes defensive?

No. Nukes are nuclear weapons but they suppose to use nukes to protect the earth not to destroy the earth. Eventually, nukes are not the best idea to use against other countries. We all know that nukes can win war but you should not use them.

Do Russians have nukes?

Yes... in fact Russia has the most nukes.

What are nukes really been called?

Nukes are called nuclear weapons.

When was No Nukes - film - created?

No Nukes - film - was created in 1980-07.

What are the release dates for Charles in Charge - 1984 No Nukes Is Good Nukes 4-1?

Charles in Charge - 1984 No Nukes Is Good Nukes 4-1 was released on: USA: 31 December 1988