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No it does not have a Tactical Nuke You are thinking about MW2. "The Tactical Nuke is an unlockable killstreak reward in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which takes 25 (24 with Hardline) kills in a row to obtain." see related link

yes it does but u need a 250 kill streak to get it with any hand gun

That's actually wrong. They took it away away because this game takes place in the 60s and back than they didn't have the tactical nuke. Modern warfare 2 is present warfare and that's why its in that game and not black ops. Rumer is that their is gonna be a update where when you get a 50 kill streak than you can have a nuclear bomb for the next match you play.

No your actually wrong and heres the many reasons why

1. theres a level called nuke town where a nuke gets set off at the end of every game

2.The first level is the bay of pigs during the cold war, the cold war was a race to nuclear weapons supremecy, the bay of pigs caused the Cuban missile crisis, it was a crisis because they were nukes!!

3. Vietnam was AFTER World War II, which was ended by a nuclear bomb

4. most of the guns you play with were only created in the 70's

infact im bored listing every way that you are wrong because id end up listing each level as evidence. This game is a testament to how wrong you are. good god!

also no there is no nuke in black ops, there will never be a nuke in black ops

Nuketown / Trivia "At the end of a match (no matter the result), the nuclear bomb in the stand will fall to the ground and make a ground burst detonation, obliterating the map."

Hes right they did have nukes but not in the game :) No they were not tactical nukes which are those that kill people and do not do the damage of a full nuclear blast

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Q: Does black ops have a tactical nuke?
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How do you get a nuke on black ops?

you can't get a nuke in black ops

How do you get a nuke in black ops?

you can't get a nuke in black ops, but the multiplayer map Nuketown gets destroyed by a Nuke at the end of the match

How do you get nuke in Call of Duty Black Ops?

There is no nuke in black ops. The only thing close to a nuke is nova gas which people can escape.

Is tactical insertion in Call of duty black ops?

unfortunatly there is going to be Tactical Insertion in Black Ops :(

How do you get the nuke street in black ops?

There is no "nuke street" but there is a map called nuketown

Is call of duty modern warfare 2 better than call of duty black ops?

In some ways it is, but some ways it isn't. Better things in mw2: Tactical knife, nuke, great maps, amazing graphics. Better things in black ops: Rarely run into hackers 1/200 matches. Less campers, wont get quickscoped. Bad things about black ops: Hard to quickscope, no nuke or tactical knife, cartoonish graphics, hard to camp kills from killstreaks dont count for later killstreaks! Im sticking with MW2. (even though i have black ops)

Is there going to be a nuke scorestreak in black ops 2?

Yes, there will be a NUKE killstreak for XBOX ONLY

What brings a tactical nuke down?

A tactical nuke is launched when a player gets a 25 kill streak and calls it in.

Does a nuke come down on nuke town on black ops?

the call of duty: Black ops map - "Nuke Town" is a Nuclear testing site for Weaponary of a Nuclear basis. In gameplay, you don't see a nuke but Nuke Town is a testing ground for nuclear weaponary and machinery, meaning a nuke has probably been tested there before...

How do you get zombies in nuke town in black ops?

you cant not that i no of if there is cool but no

What are the zombies maps in black ops 2?

There will be nuke town

What does 25?

Tactical nuke baby!!!!!!!!!!