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I only went through random doors, (15 to be exact) and then i saw 3 pillars and went through 15 doors went to the top once i saw the third pillar and saw the portal and got a rare bone went through the distortion world, and got the Griseous Orb making Girantina Orgin Form outside the Distortion World.

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Q: How i navigate through turn back cave in Pokemon platinum?
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Misty back in Pokemon Platinum?

No, since Misty chose to stay back in Kanto, she will not be in Pokemon Platinum.

Is cpuen1j20 a Pokemon Platinum id?

yes, it is an ID. It is printed on the back of all Pokemon platinum DS, cartridges.

Where is the turnback cave in Pokemon Platinum?

The turn back cave in Pokemon Platinum is in Seodoff Spring near veilstone city

Where do you get Hunter in Pokemon platinum?

in turn back cave

Pokemon platinum can you change Infernape back to chimchar?

its impossible to do that, Pokemon cannot go back to their first form

How do you get Dialga in Pokemon Platinum once you lost him before in Pokemon Platinum?

Beat the Pokemon league again and go back to spear pillar and you will see dialga again.

How do you change a Vaporeon back to an Eevee on Pokemon Platinum?

you cant

Can you get an item that you sold back in Pokemon platinum?

unfortunately you can't.

Does Rotom come back if you make him faint on Pokemon platinum?


Can you put your Pokemon from platinum to siver?

if you mean from platinum to soul silver then yes you can trade the back and forth

Is there an action replay code to modify where a Pokemon was obtained for Pokemon platinum?

yes the code is back of your Pokemon game.

How do you get two garatinas in Pokemon platinum?

you go back to the time tunnle