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The turn back cave in Pokemon Platinum is in Seodoff Spring near veilstone city

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Q: Where is the turnback cave in Pokemon Platinum?
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Where is haunter in Pokemon platinum?

At Turnback Cave

How do you catch a duskull on Pokemon platinum?

Turnback cave.

How do you find giratana in Pokemon?

Turnback Cave In Diamond and Pearl. Torn World in Platinum.

What is at the end of turnback cave?

(Pokemon Platinum Only) A portle to the Dostortion (Reverse) world.

How do you find number 190 in platinum Pokemon?

You can find this pokemon, named Dusclops, at the Sendoff Spring and the Turnback Cave.

Where is the place that Giratina is at in Pokemon platinum?

It depends if you have knocked it out in the distortion world. it would be there or in turnback cave.

How do you catch girantina in pokemon platinum?

In the distorion world If u defeat it, beat the pokemon leauge and, it will apper in Turnback cave.

Can you get back into the distorted realm in Pokemon platinum?

yes. Go to where Giratina was in Diamond/pearl, that is Turnback cave

Where is turnback cave in platinum?

Spring Path

Where to go to find the distortion world in Pokemon Platinum?

In Turnback Cave after Spring Path on route 214 (must find in cave after many rooms)

Is Darkrai in turnback cave in Pokemon Diamond?

You cannot find the Pokemon Darkrai in Turnback Cave in the game Pokemon Diamond. Instead you can find him in Newmoon Island.

What legendary Pokemon is in turn back cave?

Giratina is in Turnback Cave if you have Diamond or Pearl. If you’ve already captured him in Platinum, you’ll find a Gresious Orb. It will change Giratina into his origin form if you make him hold it, and it also boosts the power of Ghost and Dragon moves.