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its available when you get the mkII

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Q: How do you use the camo you unlock by completing the game on mgs4?
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What is an emblem from the game Metal Gear Solid 4?

An example of an Emblem for MGS4 is the Assassin Emblem. Unlock it and you get Altair's Costume from Assassin's Creed

When you get the prize weapons after beating mgs4 how do you use them?

This is a common problem with MGS4 players. Unfortunately, Mr. Kojima didn't tell you how to unlock all of your weapons and special gear after beating MGS4. If you go to LOAD and reload your completed game you should start over and have your special item when you meet the mk. II

What does mgs4 stand for?

MGS4 stands for Metal gear solid 4 itz a PS3 game

Is mgs4 on 360?

No the game is only available on Ps3

What do you do when you beat mgs4?

restart the game with all of your stuff

How can mgs4 be for PS3 only?

It is not, the mgs4 could be made for ps2 as well if they ever made it like that. For me complain to the people that made the game.

Can you play as raiden on mgs4?

Well, you can't really play AS him. There are two face camo items called Raiden A and Raiden B that you can acquire that make you look like him, though.

What kind of video game is MGS4?

The video game, MGS4, or Metal Gear Solid 4, is a mature, violent game based on war strategy. Metal Gear Solid has graphic language and violence and should only be played by a mature gamer.

Mgs4 or vegas2?

Depends on what you want. Do you want a tactical shooter or a stealth based game?

How do you unlock drebins mask in mgs4?

get 60 weapons or use a cheats code. Can't remember it but search it on google and you'll find it for sure

How do you unlock level select in Metal Gear Solid 4?

There isn't a level select in MGS4. The only way to do this is to save before each level.

Will there be a sequel to mgs4?

NO unfortunately Hideo Kojima has repeatedly announced he wouldn't be making a sequel to MGS4

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