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you dont

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2009-12-12 18:53:06
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Q: In mgs4 how do you get unlimited drebin points?
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Were to get the xm8 weapon on mgs4?

You can buy it from Drebin's Shop.

How do you unlock tanegishima gun in mgs4?

The Tanegashima flintlock gun can only be purchased from Drebin's Shop in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. It typically sells for 1,000,000 Drebin Points. However, on Sundays and Wednesdays the price is reduced to 800,000 Drebin Points. And during Act 5, it costs 500,000 Drebin Points.

In mgs4 what does the special bandana do?

it makes you have unlimited ammo

How do you get 1000000 DP on Metal Gear Solid 4?

The way to get 1 million Drebin Points on MGS4 is to save up as much points as possible. Only spending you points on ammo. The less kills and alerts you have the more points you will have at the end of each act. Also in act four when you reach Otacon's Office he will ask you to input a code, the real code is 48273 but if you enter 14893(Drebin's codec number) it will give you 100,000 extra DP. Good Luck

How do you find the xm8 in mgs4?

in mgs4 right after the seen with drebin at the power station you will see 2 rebels run into a opening follow them once you come to a small open space there are 2 more rebels walk north and you will see a hole in the wall supported by wood its in the hole on the floor

When was Frank Drebin created?

Frank Drebin was created in 1982.

How do you get stealth camo in mgs4?

There are two ways to obtain the Stealth camouflage item in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The first one is to complete the game with no Alerts, which also gets you the Octopus emblem. An easier way is to purchase it from Drebin, as it becomes available in his shop on subsequent playthroughs. It usually costs 5,000,000 Drebin Points. However, on Sundays and Wednesdays, the 20% discount drops the price to 4,000,000 DP. And in Act 5, the price becomes 2,500,000 DP.

How do you get stealth in mgs4?

Ok. There are two main ways to get the Stealth Camouflage in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. The first and least time consuming is playing the game and getting no alerts. The second is buying it from Drebin.

How do you get unlimited points on app trailers?

We can get unlimited points on app trailers by playing it.

How do you have unlimited laff points in toontown?

You don't get unlimited laff points -_- noob.

What codes get you dp for Metal Gear Solid 4?

There is one passcode in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots that can net you free Drebin Points. In Act 4 when you go to Otacon's office, enter 14893 when the prompt and keypad appear and you will be rewarded with 10,000 Drebin Points when the cutscene ends.

Can you get xm8 in single player on mgs4?

Yes, in Act 2 after the power station assault, and after the meeting with drebin, there should be a main road, look to the left and there is a trail, follow that trail. After a little bit, you should come onto a shack it is in or around that shack.

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