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it makes you have unlimited ammo

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Q: In mgs4 what does the special bandana do?
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When you get the prize weapons after beating mgs4 how do you use them?

This is a common problem with MGS4 players. Unfortunately, Mr. Kojima didn't tell you how to unlock all of your weapons and special gear after beating MGS4. If you go to LOAD and reload your completed game you should start over and have your special item when you meet the mk. II

What does mgs4 stand for?

MGS4 stands for Metal gear solid 4 itz a PS3 game

Will there be a sequel to mgs4?

NO unfortunately Hideo Kojima has repeatedly announced he wouldn't be making a sequel to MGS4

Mgs4 for 360?

no itz not

What is a sentence for bandana?

My bandana is soaked with sweat. I like that camouflaged bandana.

What is the logo on the front of snake's vest in MGS4?

The Logo on Solid Snake's Combat Vest in MGS4 means Philanthropy.

Is big boss in mgs4?


How do you say bandana in Russian?

Бандана Bandana

Can you the national dress of Jamaica?

The Jamaican National CostumeA full-flaired skirt made of Madras bandana (predominantly red plaid cotton) material worn usually with a white blouse edged with matching bandana. Headwear varies from bandana wrapped in a special design to straw hat decorated with flowers.

Where you can buy the same bandana as alex wolff Us bandana?

you can get an alex wolff bandana at Clairs

Does Big Boss die?

Big Boss Dies in MGS4. Don't get mad at me if you haven't played MGS4....the question was asked, and I answered it.

How can mgs4 be for PS3 only?

It is not, the mgs4 could be made for ps2 as well if they ever made it like that. For me complain to the people that made the game.