What is the best FPS PS3 game?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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There is no best, it's all based on opinion.

I personally though like MGS4 and COD:MW2

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Q: What is the best FPS PS3 game?
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What was the first FPS released for the PS3?

resistance fall of man. it was the only FPS out when the ps3 released

Is MW2 the best xbox game?

NO it was aclaimed the BEST PS3 game!

What is the best FPS game out now?

Call of Duty: Black Ops.

What is the best game for ps3 that's not an fps?

That changes all the time with new releases ans increased popularity of different games. Gamespot has a list on the related link for most popular and also highest rated.

What is the best Playstation 3 game?

the best ps3 game is What ever you think

What is the best free fps for PC?

the best fps in my opinion is called halo trial you get campaign and multiplayer also you can download really cool mods you get the game at get on the Internet and try it out the game is really fun

The best ps3 game?

Infamous 2

Which is the best video game machine to have?

Ps3 or psp are the best.

What is the best ps3 zombie game?

In my opinion Dead Island is the best, it depends on what you think of the game.

What is the best fps shooter game?

darkwatch. it is an awsome game that has undead thing and freaky witches that wont die. but the game is cool.

What is the best online ps3 game?

uncharted 2

What is the best rollplaying game on ps3?

Demon's Souls