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Basically you use your pen and click with it on the screen. The circle shows the area it's searching on, so you have to click around to see the whole screen, plus walk around every so often to search on other places. ^^ Where the two lines meet is where you are, and you use this to find the item.

The most common thing to happen when an item is found is for a big dot to show up within the circle, so you move until you're in front of the spot that the item is on.

Another thing to happen is for a smaller dot to come. Those are harder to spot on the Pokétch, so look closely.

A third thing to happen is for the circle to come up over and over and over again without you doing a thing. In this case you have to search. You can click on many places on the screen to see where about the item is. Where the circle comes often and where not, then just look.

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Q: How do you use poketech item finder?
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What do you press when you find a hidden item in platinum?

get a drowsing macheine (item finder) in the poketech and press any where on the touch screen

How do you use item finder in LeafGreen?

go on bag then keyitems then click on item finder

Where are the leftovers in Pokemon FireRed?

You can find leftovers where snorlax is. Use the item finder at this spot and you will find the leftovers. You cant use the item finder near it you have to beon top of the spot. It will then say "there is an item under foot" and there it will be.

How do you get the black glasses on Pokemon sappire?

use an item finder when in venturf town go to the cave then left to an entrance there's a guy looking for a glasses and use item finder to search fo it

Where to find a waterstone in pokemon diamond?

You can find all the stones while digging in the underground, or you find them in the Solaceon (Unown) Ruins. There are several empty rooms in the ruins with single rocks in them. Use your item finder on your Poketech and you'll find a Thunderstone, Firestone, and a Waterstone. Hope this helps!

What do i do with my item finder?

You have to use it anywhere and it helps u find items.

How do you use the itemfinder in zelda ocarina?

There is not an "item finder" in Ocarina of Time

Which floor do you buy pp ups on in Pokemon diamond?

you can't buy have to find. to help you should use your finder in you poketech (the watch thing with loads of apps) hope i helped

How do you search for hidden item on treasure of Pokemon fire red?

Use the Item Finder found on Route 12

What PokeTech App do you use to find an item in platinum?

you get the dowsing machine from dawn or lucas after beating the team galactic in eterna city

How do you get the girl that says she lost her key to the hotel to move in Pokemon diamond?

use the item finder app on your poke wach and look around the hotel use the item finder app on your poke wach and look around the hotel

Where is tm2 in Pokemon Emerald?

you can get it in foogy road use the item finder. i hope i helped(;