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you only activate it in your bag then it will tell you if there is any items near

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Q: How do you use the item finder in LeafGreen?
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How do you use item finder in LeafGreen?

go on bag then keyitems then click on item finder

Where do you easily get money in leafgreen?

The slots in CELADON CITY or use item finder in the slots room. HOPE I HELPED!

Where do you get mushrooms in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can get mushrooms if you go to mt moon and use the item finder in the lower levels near rocks

Where can you find leftovers in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you could get leftovers by beating or catching one of the two snorlaxes and use the item finder and there should be leftovers there

Where is Leftovers on LeafGreen?

i sussed it. after the two snorlaxes have been moved go back with item finder. walk over the area with each step use iten finder. eventuly when you get the rite spot you will have it. dont be disheatened when the item finder dusnt respond. just keep trying. xD xxx

How do you get the itemfinder in pokemon leafgreen?

You can get the Item finder from Professor Oaks in Pokemon LeafGreen. Professor Oaks is found on route 11 just out side of Vermillion City.

Where are the leftovers in Pokemon FireRed?

You can find leftovers where snorlax is. Use the item finder at this spot and you will find the leftovers. You cant use the item finder near it you have to beon top of the spot. It will then say "there is an item under foot" and there it will be.

How do you get the black glasses on Pokemon sappire?

use an item finder when in venturf town go to the cave then left to an entrance there's a guy looking for a glasses and use item finder to search fo it

What do i do with my item finder?

You have to use it anywhere and it helps u find items.

How do you use the itemfinder in zelda ocarina?

There is not an "item finder" in Ocarina of Time

How do you search for hidden item on treasure of Pokemon fire red?

Use the Item Finder found on Route 12

How do you get the girl that says she lost her key to the hotel to move in Pokemon diamond?

use the item finder app on your poke wach and look around the hotel use the item finder app on your poke wach and look around the hotel