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use the item finder app on your poke wach and look around the hotel

use the item finder app on your poke wach and look around the hotel

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Q: How do you get the girl that says she lost her key to the hotel to move in Pokemon diamond?
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Where do you get a murcrow in Pokemon Diamond?

Murkrow is found in the Lost Tower, at night, and only in Pokemon Diamond.

In Pokemon diamond where do you get strengh?

the lost tower

Where is the hotel key that the lady lost in Pokemon Diamond Version?

She gives you a lava cookie as a reward. Go into the hotel that's booked, then go outside and walk to the left and look up then press A then you should find it

Where to get Gengar Pokemon diamond?

you get him someow in the lost tower

Mistrivus in Pokemon Diamond?

Misdreavus cannot be caught in Pokemon Diamond. It can be caught on Pokemon Pearl appearing in Eterna Forest and Lost Tower at nighttime.

What is the hm in the lost tower in Pokemon diamond?

I think it is strength

Where wxactly is hm strength in Pokemon diamond?

It's in the Lost Tower below Solaceon Town. Go to the top and talk to the girl on the left and she'll give it to you.

How do you get into the lost tower in Pokemon Diamond?

use the door its south of Solacaon.

Where do you get TM strength in Pokemon diamond?

top floor on the lost tower

Where can you catch a mystrevious on diamond?

You cannot catch a Misdreavus on Pokemon Diamond as it's exclusive to Pokemon Pearl. In Pokemon Pearl Misdreavus appears at nighttime in Eterna Forest and the Lost Tower.

Were is a good ghost place on Pokemon Diamond?

there r 2 good places to get ghost Pokemon on Pokemon diamond: the old chateu in eterna forest and the lost tower by solaceon town

Where can you get Ovalstone on Pokemon Diamond Pearl?

lost towerfloor2 and underground rare in underground