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i don't think it possible

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Q: How do you teach sky attack to Charizard in Pokemon crystal?
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Which Pokemon should i teach earthquake to Charizard swamper or pupitar?

Swampert. Swampert gets STAB, and also has higher attack than Charizard. Pupitar is just...poopitar compared to those two.

Charizard learn fly in Pokemon Fire Red?

Use HM2 to teach charizard fly.

How can you teach a Charizard Air Slash in Pokemon LeafGreen?

yes but you have to get the TM first

Can you teach Charizard to fly?

Yes, You Can Teach Charizard To Fly.

How can Charizard get blast burn in LeafGreen?

Once Charizard has reached level 60 go to Two Island and go north you will find a house go inside and speak to the lady and make sure Charizard is the first pokemon on your list she will notice it and say she will teach it the most powerful fire attack blast burn allow her to do so and now your Charizard will have the move.

Can Charizard learn Outrage in Pokemon?

Yes. you can take it to the battle frontier and have someone teach it outrage for Pokemon heartgold/ soulsilver

How do you teach Charizard sky attack?

Charizard cannot legally learn this move (via level up, TM/HM, or breeding) in the game. Only through the use of a cheat-device can Charizard learn this move.

How can i teach feraligatr hydro pump in Pokemon crystal?

Feraligatr can learn Hydro Pump at level 58 in Pokemon Crystal.

What Pokemon know flash attack?

you have to teach it to them

How do you get ice beam in Pokemon Crystal?

There is no kind of TM in Pokemon Crystal version that can teach your Pokemon ice beam. The only way to get it is to learn it naturally.

What are Charizard's best moves for Pokemon fire red?

The best moves for Charizard is Blast Burn, Flamethrower, Fire Blast, and Heatwave. Don't teach Charizard Overheat. Overheat is strong but your sp. atk will fell.

Where do you get blast burn on Pokemon HeartGold?

Go to black thorn city and there will be a man in a house who will teach it to only these pokemon. Charizard typhlosion blaziken